Friday, February 22, 2013

February 23: Nasdaq Mars 36° Cycle

February 23 is a Nasdaq geocentric Mars 36° cycle.

2/23/2013: Nasdaq Geocentric Mars 36° Cycle


  1. platy,
    hope comment section starts working soon,
    wanted to ask your opinion what do you expect nasdaq to do go up or down at 36 mars cycle

  2. Hi Vick, looks like new comments are fine, it's just taking time to import the old ones.

    It is not clear to me what will happen. If I had to guess I'd say that we are in an uptrend since the 21st, so the Mars cycle should reverse that. But there is some ambiguity so this is a tough one to call.

  3. Hi Platy,

    Can you explain to me what Cowan was stating when he said "Uranus 18Deg. cycle arrives in may 2012, one year before the 13 year cycle. THIS PROVIDES A POSSIBLE ANNIVERSARY DATE FOR FURTHER REFINING THE ANALYSIS REAL-TIME"


  4. Yes I think so. One of Gann's methods is to look at anniversary dates of major turns. So for example there was a major 2010 low on October 4, so some people were predicting a major turn for around October 4, 2011, and we saw that the 5th was a major high. It also often works on half year and quarter year cycles. There are probably others here who know more about this than me and could explain it better.

  5. as of February 21, 2013, the trend is down...




  6. Hi Platy,

    I always wonder: why are different pentagrams being used for Nasdaq, S&P500, DJIA,...?
    If the Nasdaq turns down on this Mars 36 cycle, then it is almost certain that S&P and DJIA would be dragged down as well (and probably most of the world's stock markets with them)
    So, shouldn't there be one pentagram that directs the timing for all these highly correlated markets?

  7. Great question, thanks. For more than a year I looked only at the Nasdaq pentagram. One of the frustrations with the method is that it does not catch every turn. So adding the S&P gives us more information. The pentagrams are related by a 30° rotation, so maybe this is really just an extension of the theory in a way.

    Also there are subtle differences in the indexes that may be driven by the differences in the natal pentagrams. I haven't spent much time looking into this yet.

    The Russel is an 18° rotation of the Nasdaq, and while the Mars harmonics work well, the major planets don't seem to work as well, and we already track Nasdaq major planet 18° harmonics, so I will probably not pay too much attention to this other than to add Nasdaq Mars 18° to our watch list.

    I don't see an obvious relationship of the DOW pentagram to the others. This is really interesting to me (assuming I got it right, which might not be the case) so we will have to just try it out for a while to see if it has any good predictive ability.


    "The Nasdaq 100 is weaker, with bearish divergence on 13-weekTwiggs Money Flow warning of a primary trend reversal. Breakout below primary support at 2500 would confirm, offering a target of 2100*.

    02/17/2013..."potential target 2060 (area of 2011 low)...right, it can't happen!"