Thursday, February 14, 2013

February 16-18: S&P Mars 72° Cycle, Saturn Turns Retrograde

February 16th is a geocentric S&P Mars 72° cycle.

2/16/2013: S&P Mars 72° Cycle

The 16th is a Saturday, which means a turn could occur either Friday or Monday. However, Monday the 18th brings perhaps an even more important planetary event.

On February 18, Saturn turns retrograde near the S&P's 36° (Nasdaq's 18°).

2/18/2013: Saturn Turns Retrograde Near S&P's 36°

This is also near gold's 72° (silver's 36°) and should give support to the metals which have been selling off since Ceres turned direct on February 4th forming a Great Triangle with Uranus and Saturn, which resulted in a high for gold the next day.

2/18/2013: Saturn Turns Retrograde Near Gold's 72°


  1. Thanks Platy, what is your next turn date after this date?


  2. Hi, can you say, does "turns retrograde" mean 'end of existing trend' or 'reversal of existing trend' or 'a significant move is likely, in either direction'?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes, we should see a change in trend as a result.

  3. All Hail Lord Saturn !

    And Beware !

    It is said that a planet is at its most powerful when at its station.
    One can hope for a bucket of ice water dumped on this candlelit birthday cake.
    And your angles are the Icing!

  4. Hi Platy
    How long does a Saturn retrograde last?
    A day, a week, a month?
    Bob Collett

  5. For me, I always watch when the moon is in Sagittarius and Gemini. Sagittarius brings big moves in one way while Gemini brings wild swings in both directions. Moon is in Gemini on Monday and Tuesday so I would say, combined with mars 72 watch out for fireworks in both directions . Just my 2 pence worth :-)

  6. Googling "retrograde planets 2013" will turn up calendars, often also showing previous years. Last year Neptune turning retrograde on June 4th, marked a major low, and its turning direct on November 11th was only a fews days away from another major low.
    Pluto turning direct was only a few days away from the major September high.
    Still, as you can see from these calendars, it's not easy to tell which planet stations will be producing major highs or lows.
    Generally there are about 20 stations per year, which averages out to one or two every month.

  7. The metals are really taking a beating this morning. I know some are expecting a rally some time in March/April. Platy, any positive aspects for the metals in this timeframe, if you care to comment? Thanks for all your great insights!

    1. Metals should get some temporary support Monday +/- 1 day. It could then possibly rally into early March where there is a Ceres cycle. But I remain bearish into the early April Jupiter cycle where I expect a re-test of the rectangle lows or possibly lower.

  8. Precious metals are moving in different directions with Copper or Tin. The medium term indicator for copper is still in an uptrend while its daily is making its way down. The medium term for gold is at or close to oversold with a diverging sign, while its daily is at oversold conditions. Gold might still have a ways to go if the Daily indicator does not turn up and out of oversold soon.

  9. Hi Platy,

    To what extent does the 29/30 year cycle of Saturn fit in with the pentagonal theory?
    I just checked and the last time Saturn went into Scorpio was late 1982, which came two years after a major peak in gold prices, and four years after a major bottom in stocks(1978). 1982 was when stocks finally broke out to new highs after more than a decade of going sideways.
    That is very similar to the current situation. Saturn has moved into Scorpio again in late 2012.

    1. I haven't studied ingresses yet, though I am sure they are important.