Monday, January 21, 2013


Bonni Hill has several dates listed for Copper's natal. This is one of the difficulties in establishing the harmonics for an instrument - which natal to use? So very often I have to make several attempts until I find the one that works. In this case, I started with the most recent and worked backwards to the one that finally worked - the oldest one!

Using Bill Foster's date May 15, 1929, 8:50AM, NYC, here is the natal chart:

5/15/1929: Copper Natal
The harmonics are set by Jupiter's natal position at 23Tau19'23".

These harmonics are almost exactly the same as the S&P's, which explains the strange correlation between the S&P and copper. At times they are anti-correlated, maintaining many of the same turn dates.

Here is a chart of copper futures showing the cause of many turns based on the above harmonics.

Copper Futures


  1. platy,
    i know this is totally unrelated to copper but you mentioned last week that you were going to a post on BAC would you please keep in mind that please.

    1. Hi Vick, I tried to do BAC but unfortunately couldn't get it to work. Sorry.

    2. Hi Platy,
      I love your blog!
      If BAC first trade date is June 05, 1979 ( and we use Geocentric Venus, Pluto, and (close to) Jupiter as corners of the pentagon, then the low of Nov. 16, 2012 looks like Mars at a corner, and the high of Jan. 7, 2013 looks like moon conjunct north node at 36 degrees. I have not checked other dates. Would you please check if it would work. Thank you.

    3. Adelina, thanks a lot for that site, I have not tried that natal date. Looking quickly it looks like that will work!

  2. I just happen to do a consultation with a scrap metal company in regards to copper. Based on my analysis for them we are diverging in price and momentum and we have a triangular weekly pattern setting up as an ABCDE with a continued thrust lower. This patter looks to be mature and could turn down at any moment. Looking for $2.4 support and if that breaks we will be looking for $1.4. If anyone is interested please let me know if you would like me to post the chart on my site or I can pass them off to Platy..

    1. Thanks MP, I'd like to see your chart.

    2. Here is the link Platy. The notes are meant for my clients selling strategy, but most comments helps in analyzing what's next for the copper market.


  3. Hi Platy

    great site. Your copper natal jogged my memory.

    here's a link for some astro-correlations I did some time ago. All Helio:

    It shows Venus's (long associated with copper, of course) ingresses into zodiac signs and relationship with the copper share price.

    In case the link isn't available here are the results:

    27th Jan 2011 bottom Venus enters Libra
    Feb 14th 2011 top Venus ingress Scorpio
    March 5th 2011 top Venus ingress Sagittarius
    March 24th 2011 top Venus ingress Capricorn
    April 11th 2011 top Venus ingress Aquarius
    May 1st 2011 top Venus ingress Pisces
    May 20th 2011 top Venus ingress Aries
    June 7th 2011 top Venus ingress Taurus

    Most are very obvious tops/bottoms.

    The link shows some astro aspects too.


    1. Great stuff, thanks a lot Rogp!

    2. I'm going to add a watch list for copper with these Venus ingresses. Thanks again Rogp!