Saturday, December 15, 2012

Nasdaq: 12/15 Mars 72° and Venus 72°/36° Cycles

Our last important turn date was December 9, an S&P Ceres 36° cycle, discussed here. I expected a significant top at this time, but it did not happen. This reminds me of early this year when I kept trying to find a reversal point but the market ignored my normally reliable turn indicators and stubbornly refused to make a significant correction. I realized later that the cause of this was that we were approaching a Uranus 18° cycle, discussed here.

I believe we are in a similar situation now. There is a very important turn date I have coming up in January (it is close to ZigZag’s predicted top), and I think the market is being pull up strongly into this date.

Today is a heliocentric Mars 72° and Venus 36° cycle, as well as a geocentric Venus 72° cycle. Since we have a dip here I plan to use the opportunity to take a long position in equities. Because the turn date is a Saturday, this means that the bottom may have been put in already on Friday, or it could come on Monday. There are some interesting supports in all 3 markets right now so it looks like a reasonable place for a turn and a good place to put a stop. (If I get time I will post some charts.) Today is also a low on ZigZag’s correlation chart.
12/15/2012: Heliocentric Mars 72°/Venus 36° and Nasdaq Harmonics

12/15/2012: Geocentric Venus 72° and Nasdaq Harmonics


  1. Hi Platy,

    Pity we lost you at CIT, its a big loss.

    I know you have a Mar 36 due in Jan, whats your take on it ? Will it lead to the plunge or a big bounce ?


    1. Thank you Michael, I really appreciate the kind words.

      We may get a little bounce here because of Friday's Ceres cycle but the Mayan alignment has turn the trend down. The next Mars cycle is January 1.

      Please take some time to read the comments from reader "Anonymous" in this thread:

      Anonymous has been extremely accurate. He is calling for a major DOW double bottom on January 10.