Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gold/Silver: 12/3 Jupiter-Earth Conjunction 12/4 Uranus-Venus Opposition

We suggested here that the metals may be topping due to the 11/27 Saturn-Venus conjunction and gold's Ceres 72° cycle. (Silver's Ceres 36° cycle occurs on the 29th.) If we do in fact see follow-through for a correction, it may complete on about December 3 when heliocentric Jupiter conjuncts the Earth, or December 4 as Uranus opposes Venus, all at major harmonics for the metals. (Gold's 36° harmonics are approximately silver's 72°, and vice versa.)
12/3/2012: Jupiter-Earth Conjunction and Gold Harmonics
12/4/2012: Uranus-Venus Opposition and Gold Harmonics

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