Friday, November 30, 2012

A Roadmap for Silver

Let’s review silver’s behavior for November.

On 11/1, silver made a top as Uranus at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.
In the same thread we showed a 36° Mars-Jupiter-Saturn Golden Triangle, which caused a major bottom for the metals.

Silver then rallied until Neptune turned direct at 36° on 11/11, also shown in the thread above.

A low was then made on 11/13 when Neptune at 36° opposed Venus at 72°, discussed here.

A strong rally was made until Venus conjuncted Saturn at 36° on 11/27, mentioned here.

A major top was put in on 11/29 with a Ceres 36° harmonic crossing, also discussed in the thread above.

Since then we have been looking for a bottom to be made as Earth conjuncts Jupiter at 36° on 12/3, or Venus at 72° opposes Uranus at 36°.

The following is an outline of possible future behavior. It may need to be adjusted as it plays out.

It appears that the bottom will be put in on the 3rd with the Jupiter-Earth conjunction at around $33 (38.2% retracement). At this point silver will have broken out of its trend channel. Then a sharp reversal should be made for a re-test of the channel, forming a top (right shoulder of a head and shoulders) at around $34.2 on about 12/4 with the Uranus-Venus opposition. We should then see a long drop to the 50% retracement at around $32.6 on about 12/13 as Uranus turns direct at 36°. This will be eagerly bought but then a larger drop should bring silver down to the 68.2% retracement level at about $32.1 on about 12/18 with a Ceres-Earth conjunction at 36°, and then double bottom on about 12/21 when Venus conjuncts Saturn at 72°. At this point silver should make a strong rally for new highs. See roadmap below.
Silver Futures

(Note: For some reason the bottom dates on the TOS chart above are off by 2 days. Please ignore the TOS dates and look at the dates labeled in white instead.)

Notice the date for the final low, 12/21/12. My long time readers will recognize this as a very important planetary alignment.

Addendum: Fibonacci retracement chart, requested by a reader.
Silver Futures


  1. Hi do you chart the dollar index?

    1. Hi Hex, no I don't have a roadmap for the dollar sorry. I do track turn dates though. Please see:

  2. Apanalis, got your message, I wish you well. :)