Thursday, November 22, 2012

11/23: Nasdaq Mars 36° Cycle

We saw here that the S&P responds well to Mars harmonic cycles, and from this earlier post that the Nasdaq does the same. In fact, the S&P bottomed 1 day after the predicted November 15 reversal. (The Nasdaq had a Mars 18° cycle on the 16th.)

Below is an update for Nasdaq showing Mars harmonics for the past year. Of course the Nasdaq and S&P can be used as proxies for each other, so this increases the number of times we can use this indicator for CIT dates.
Nasdaq Futures
November 23 is a geocentric Nasdaq 36° cycle.
11/23/2012 Geocentric Mars at 36° Nasdaq Harmonics
While not every Mars cycle results in a significant CIT, the odds are pretty good generally, and in this case even better since Anthony is looking for a reversal at this time as well.

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