Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Astrological Cause of QE3

We saw in an earlier post, that QE1 was announced when Uranus was at an exact 18° harmonic to the Federal Reserve’s natal chart. QE2 was announced as Saturn, Mars, Venus and Earth formed a 36° harmonic Golden Triangle. So what was the astrological cause of QE3?

Let’s look back at what happened during Bernanke’s speech at Jackson Hole on August 31. While Bernanke did not announce QE3 at that time, the financial news interpreted the speech as a nod that it was coming and leaked the probability that it would be announced at the FOMC meeting and there were even rumors that QE3 had already begun.

Recall that August 31 was a very important planetary event, the conjunction of Ceres with Jupiter at the Nadaq’s 36° harmonic (this is near the FED’s 18° harmonic).
8/31/2012: Jupiter-Ceres Conjunction and Nasdaq Harmonics

As explained in this post, the Jupiter-Ceres conjunction caused a bottom in the markets, reversing what would have otherwise been a major top due to the August 17 Jupiter-Mars opposition.

Furthermore, the September Moon’s Nodes square Neptune gave energy to the markets to rise out of consolidation, and after all, the astrological involvement of the nodes is sometimes associated with leaks!
9/6/2012: Moons’ Nodes Square Neptune and Nasdaq Harmonics

The impact of these events is shown below.

So although QE3 was not officially announced at Jackson Hole, the psychological impact that Bernanke’s speech and the news following it had on investors was as powerful as if it had been.

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