Friday, September 28, 2012

Silver: 9/29 Uranus-Earth Conjunction

On August 24, Earth was conjunct Neptune near silver’s 72° harmonic, 4 days after its breakout from a very long consolidation.

Earth will conjunct Uranus tomorrow, September 29, near silver’s 36° harmonic. This is near gold’s 72° harmonic.
9/29/2012: Heliocentric Uranus-Earth Conjunction and Silver Harmonics

The last Uranus-Earth conjunction was September 26, 2011, a major bottom for silver and gold. (See graph here.)

On October 28 there will be a geocentric Jupiter-Mars opposition, with Mars near silver’s 72° (gold’s 36°) and Jupiter near silver’s 36° (gold’s 72°).
10/28/12: Geocentric Jupiter-Mars Opposition and Silver Harmonics

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