Sunday, August 19, 2012

Silver Review + 8/24 Neptune-Earth Conjunction

Let's make a review of silver predictions.

We began with silver's natal chart here, establishing silver's harmonic cycle. We made the following notes:

There is a Uranus-Venus conjunction on 1/1/2012;  [Also noted here.]
A Jupiter-Venus conjunction near 72° on 1/26/2012; [Also noted here.]
Jupiter reaches its next 72° harmonic on about 3/1/2012. [Also noted here.]

The 2/16/12 Ceres-Venus conjunction was noted here.
A New Moon on 2/21/12 was discussed here.

The following cluster was discussed here:

5/3/12 Mars 72° cycle
5/6/12 Full Moon (Super Moon) 36°, Sun 72° and Heliocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction 18°
5/7/12 Earth 36°
5/8/12 Neptune-Mercury Conjunction near 72°.

Here and here and here we discussed:
5/21/12 Geocentric Ceres 72° (noted 2 days after the fact)
6/14/12 Heliocentric Ceres 72°

At this point we began to look at faster planets to improve timing.  We mentioned Earth and Venus 72° harmonics but neglected to note their conjunction on 6/6 which would indeed have improved timing for Heliocentric Ceres 72° as an important top.

 We then said:

...there is a heliocentric Saturn 18° harmonic on June 30, and geocentric Jupiter 18° on July 2. Heliocentric Venus 36° square Saturn on 7/3 may improve the timing.

And in this post we added importance to 7/3:

July 3 will be exact 18° crossing [of the Moon's nodes square Neptune], which is also a Full Moon near 18° square Uranus near 36°

Because of the clustering of important events on 7/3 we suggested it may mark a major turn. In fact it caught a top, but it was the top between a major double bottom and only 3 days from the lowest value for silver in more than a year.

And we noted:

 7/10/12 Jupiter-Ceres Conjunction 18°

Here we noted:

7/13/12 Uranus turns retrograde near 36°

Here we discussed:

7/23/12 Neptune-Venus conjunction near 72°

Each of the predictions above is shown in the chart below.

Silver Futures

On 8/24 we will have a Neptune-Earth conjunction near 72°. Neptune conjunctions are one of the most reliable turn indicators for silver.

8/24/12 Silver Harmonics
See here the importance of the last Neptune-Earth conjunction a year ago.

See also here and here for other posts discussing this conjunction later this week.


  1. Based on the charts is silver turning up or is silver turning down?

    1. Maybe we can get a better read later this week but as of now silver seems to be moving sideways so it is difficult to tell which way it will break.

    2. Hopefully it is more than clear by now. :)

  2. Aug 20th was a dud maybe the 24th will show something more interesting....

    1. Silver up 10% in the last 2 days starting aug 20th when before that it chopped around for a month+ straight.... I'd hardly call that a dud....

  3. Here's the vix

    1. Yeah, looks like a gap needs to be filled there at around 17+ :)