Friday, August 24, 2012

Quick update

I'll be out for a few days but wanted to make a quick update before I leave.

The top in equities came in on the 21st, so my attempt to pinpoint the day of reversal failed. But the reversal was 2 trading days after the Jupiter-Mars opposition. We still have August 25 (Saturday) and 31 as possible turn dates for another reversal(s).

Today is the predicted reversal day for silver and that looks to be on track. Here is a quick chart I made to show the importance and accuracy of the Earth-Neptune conjunction.

Silver Futures
Neptune conjunctions are very important to silver (and gold) because of Neptune's proximity to silver's 72° (and gold's 36°) harmonic at this time.


  1. Hi, are you still expecting a dangerous day on Aug 25?

    1. August 25 is a possible reversal day for the Nasdaq and Crude.