Sunday, August 26, 2012

Disaster Update

Hurricane Isaac

So far we have discussed earthquakes and volcanoes, but disasters can come in the form of water as well. It was August 20 when we first started hearing about Hurricane Isaac. At that time Isaac was a tropical wave (circled in red in the image below) located about 50°W and 15°N predicted to have an 80% probability of turning into a tropical storm.

On August 17, the Sun completed a square with the Moon's Nodes and Neptune. This was discussed here. (Notice below the similarity of the 8/20/12 Neptune square with the one on 3/20/12 discussed in this post, our last disaster prediction window.)

In our previous post about August 20 the geocentric charts showed this square with another square formed by Pluto, Uranus, Venus and the Moon. The astrological latitude and longitude are shown on the chart below for this day.


The latitude corresponds to the Moon's South Node on the chart.

By the 24th, Isaac strengthened and threatened Haiti and Cuba. The location at this time is about 70°W and 15°N.

The geocentric chart from our post about August 24 shows the Moon joining its North Node on the square.

8/24/12: Tropical Storm Isaac
Currently Isaac is headed to New Orleans, located at 30°N, 90°W on roughly the same path as Katrina. We recently discussed 90° longitude (both East and West) as being particularly prone to disaster because of the Galactic Center's location between Sagittarius and Capricorn, corresponding to 90°W. Trouble at this latitude and its opposite, 90°E, is magnified by the GC.

Southern California Earthquake Swarm

On August 26, Southern California near San Diego began experiencing a swarm of earthquakes. This swarm is still active, with the largest quake so far being a 5.5. The location of this quake was 33°N, 116°W, shown on the chart below.

8/26/2012: Southern California Earthquake Swarm
The latitude is opposite Saturn and the longitude is near the North Node. Tomorrow (8/29) is the last day of the Neptune/Moon's Nodes/Sun square, so it will be interesting to see how much longer these quakes persist.

Magnitude 7.3 El Salvador Earthquake

Also on August 26, a 7.4 earthquake hit off the coast of El Salvador, at 12°N, 89°W.

The astrological location is shown on the chart below.

8/26/2012: El Salvador 7.2 Earthquake

The latitude is near the Moon's South Node, and the longitude is near Pluto, the Moon, and the Galactic Center at 90°W, highlighting once again the disastrous nature of this longitude.


  1. Interesting that the energy of the sun being in hard aspect with Neptune, the planet of water, gives us a hurricane, an energetic storm of water, here on earth ;)