Thursday, August 9, 2012

August 20: Another Possibly Dangerous Day

If squares are stressful, double squares are double trouble. August 20 could be problematic.

8/20/2012: Geocentric

The heliocentric view shoes the Earth squared Jupiter and Mars, adding to the tension.
8/20/2012: Heliocentric

Both this day and the 24th (discussed here) have the potential to result in a large disaster. But since this one occurs first, a disaster occurring here could help to relieve some of the stress that might otherwise be felt on the 24th.


  1. There are additional factors making 8/20 a dangerous day. Using vedic astrology I have the maha dasha cycle for the NYSE at Sat,Rah,Jup,Jup,Merc......this is a dangerous cycle. Also the Tropical Moon will be in Libra a most bearish sign.

    1. Thank you rc!

      I was more referring to earthquakes, volcanoes, etc., but physical disasters often effect the markets!

      Looks like I need to study vedic astrology!

  2. This may be an intersting week for the markets with the 4/5 point in the pentagram being hit. We may have to wait for the new moon though as the lunar cycle has been pretty good for tops recently. Let's see.

    1. We have Wednesday's Saturn-Mars conjunction at 36° to watch as well.