Sunday, July 1, 2012

Timing Window Experiment - What Did We Learn?

We used the geocentric Ceres 36° cycle as an experiment to test the use of closer objects to improve the timing of the turn. What did we learn? A lot!


The Nasdaq made a high the day of the New Moon on the 19th. This makes sense since the New Moon is the combination of the 2 objects closest to Earth, it occurred at 72°, the most important harmonic, and was very close in time to the geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on the 21st. It then made a double top on the 20th, just exceeding the high from the 19th. Why the top came on the 20th and not the 19th I can't explain. But the Dow and S&P did both top on the 19th.

Then we had another reversal on the 28th, the very last day of our timing window, and the day the Moon joined Saturn at 36°. Saturn had turned direct on the 25th. So it seems clear by now that planet reversals from direct to retrograde and vice versa are indeed important when near a harmonic, and that the Moon (or inner objects) can be used to improve market timing. Cowan briefly discusses the use of inner planets (and even the rotation of the Earth) for shorter timescales but we haven't made much use of it until now. I want to again encourage readers to read Cowan's book. I have read it several times by now, and every time I find something very important that I had missed before or forgotten about, or just haven't had time yet to study.

Crude Oil

I did not mention crude oil in the previous post. I should have! Nasdaq's 36° cycles are crude's 72° cycles, which made this turn window more important for oil than for the Nasdaq. A bottom was made on the 22nd, followed by a lower double bottom on the 28th. So while the New Moon at Nasdaq's 72° made an important top for the Nasdaq, it was only at 36° for crude at that time and it wasn't until the Moon reached 72° for crude on the 22nd that the Ceres 72° cycle was triggered as the first bottom. Saturn turning direct near crude's 72° was the more important event and triggered on the 28th, the day the Moon joined Saturn.

Mid-July has Jupiter and Saturn harmonics which should be important for both equities and oil. More on that later.

Looking further, there is a Jupiter-Mars opposition squaring Neptune coming up in August, first mentioned here. This should be a major event.


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