Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Saturn/Jupiter 36° Cycles

Mid-July has some important harmonics: 

7/10/12: G Jupiter-Ceres Conj Near 36°
7/10/12 Saturn S&P 60° 
7/10/12: Venus 72°
7/12/12: G Saturn 36°
7/17/12: Jupiter 36°

The geocentric Jupiter-Ceres conjunction on the 10th is 5° from the 36° harmonic, which may be too far to have an effect. I have not done any studies on how close a conjunction needs to be to a harmonic. There is also a heliocentric Venus 72° cycle on the 10th.

On the 12th there is a geocentric Saturn 36° cycle.

7/12/12: Geocentric Saturn 36°
We are still testing the use of inner planets to improve timing. If Saturn 36° is its own event, it may be triggered by the Moon 144° away at 36° on the 14th, or perhaps not until the Moon reaches the next 72° harmonic on the 17th - which coincides with Jupiter's heliocentric 36°:

7/17/12: Heliocentric Jupiter 36°

Next month Mars will reach 72° opposite Jupiter and Ceres, and square Neptune, which should trigger a major event.

We don't talk much about 60° harmonics but Cowan has found that the S&P's 60° harmonics of Saturn is a reliable turn indicator. (See here and here.) Cowan counts from the June 9, 1988 Uranus-Saturn conjunction, at 28 Sag 55'40". Saturn will reach 60° from this point on July 10. (If instead we use the S&P natal pentagram, the point would be 29 Sag 25'26", giving Saturn 60° on July 25.)

This time I have not forgotten to mention oil. Nasdaq's 36° cycles are crude's 72° cycles so these harmonics should be even more important to crude than to the Nasdaq.


  1. Your cotton chart with the planets and degrees highlighted is very good. Can you do the same for Silver, Nasdaq and the S&P?

    1. Thank you! I have done similar work for silver and Nasdaq. Please see:

  2. Platy,

    The Helio Mercury 29 Scorpio 10 and Moon 11 Acu 10 on 5 Jul seems to hit a short term high for SP500 futures.

    1. Platy,

      The pictorial of what happened on 5 Jul 12 as shown here.

      I think the next one is the Venus and Moon angle dates on 11 Jul 12.

    2. So you are working on very short time frame turns. This is very interesting. Which line is Jupiter on your graph, and what does it mean?

    3. Green = Jupiter Planetary Price Line. H2 is plotted here for its 2nd harmonic.

    4. How is planetary price line derived?

    5. For this case, it is the Jupiter mirrored planetary price line.

      We can look up for the Geocentric Longitude of Jupiter which was around 5 Gemini on 5 Jul, which is 30+30+5 = 65 deg from 0 deg Aries.

      The 180 mirrored image of 65 deg is 180-65 = 115 deg.

      Thus the mirrored H2 Jupiter PL is calculated as follow:

      Mirrored Jupiter PL = 115 + 180 * 7 = 1375

      Jupiter PL = 65 + 180 * 7 = 1325

      H1 = 360/1 = 360
      H2 = 360/2 = 180
      H3 = 360/3 = 120 etc..

      The scaling factor that was used here is 1 deg : 1 point

      Price kissed the 1375 on 5 Jul 12, and was immediately repelled downwards by the mirrored Jupiter PL.

      Depending on the magnitude of the cycle in play, these PL can be broken subjected to the cycle force in progress. But they form natural price resistance and support levels to trap the energy of the market forces.

      The price hit a mirrored Pluto PL support yesterday and bounced up.

      Pluto is now at around 278 deg. The mirrored Pluto angle is at 278 - 360 = - 82 deg

      The H2 Pluto PL is at 278 + 180 * 6 = 1358

      The mirrored Pluto PL is at 82 + 180 * 7 = 1342

      Notice that Price has spent some time vibrating at 1358 before plunging down on the bad jobs report news. So from 1358 to 1342, the price has moved from a Pluto PL to its mirrored Pluto PL. Actually it is as though that the price has "flipped" from "one dimension" to "another dimension". As where it has started is where the cycle will end. That news induced cycle ended at 1342 and was repelled off upward subsequently.

    6. This is fascinating! Thank you Timer. I will look into this more when I return home from vacation.

  3. You mention next month Mars will reach 72 degrees opposite Jupiter and Ceres, which could trigger a major event...what is the time frame of that? Thanks, I love your site!!

    1. August 12. If you look to the right side of the page you can see the dates for many upcoming events.

      Thank you for your interest!