Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Major Turn: August 2012 Jupiter-Mars Opposition Square Neptune

Almost a year ago we noted here that the stock market rally from March 2009 is driven primarily by the Jupiter-Mars cycle.

We saw here that the 3/7/09 low was caused by a heliocentric Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 72°, 144° from a Saturn-Earth conjunction at 72° opposing Uranus.

3/7/2009: Heliocentric Harmonics
The 4/26/10 peak was caused by a Jupiter-Mars opposition squaring Ceres on the 19th that was not triggered until both Mars and Venus reached 72° on the 24th (a Saturday). Notice also that Venus is opposite Pluto squaring Saturn.

4/24/2010: Heliocentric Harmonics

At this point, Mars has traced 2 points on the pentagram and Jupiter has moved 36°.

The 2011 triple peak was caused by a heliocentric Jupiter-Mars conjunction at 72° opposing Saturn and 144° from Earth at 72°. This occurred near the middle peak in May. The May 1 (Sunday) geocentric 72° Jupiter-Mars-Moon triple conjunction was the trigger for the May 2 peak.

5/1/2011: Geocentric Harmonics

5/19/2011: Heliocentric Harmonics
Here 3 points of the pentagram have been traced by Mars and Jupiter has moved another 36°.

Nasdaq Futures

Next month Heliocentric Mars will move into Jupiter opposition on August 17, squaring Neptune. This should correspond to a major event for the markets.

8/17/2012: Jupiter-Mars Opposition Square Neptune

The event may be triggered early by Mars crossing the 72° harmonic on August 12. Mars harmonics tend to be accurate to +/- 1 day. Ceres reaches 36° opposite Mars also on the 12th, and there is also a geocentric Mars 36° cycle the same day so there is a high probability for a major turn on this day or the next as the Moon may provide the trigger as it conjuncts Geocentric Venus at 72° on the 13th. Geocentric Mars conjuncts Saturn near 36° 2 days later on the 15th, another potential trigger.

8/12/2012: Heliocentric Harmonics
At this opposition Mars will have traced 4 of the 5 pentagram points.

8/13/2012: Geocentric Harmonics

The Earth joins Neptune on the 24th at 18° squaring Jupiter and Mars. This is the same date noted here as a possible disaster. The following day Venus hits 72°, 144° from Mars' 8/12 harmonic. Venus is the fastest moving planet, so it acts as the second hand of a clock. Therefore, if August 12-13 does not trigger a major turn August 25 is highly likely to result in a major market event. It is certainly possible that the 12-13th and the 25th both produce important turns (for example a double bottom).

8/25/2012: Heliocentric Harmonics
The Jupiter-Ceres conjunction near 36° occurs on August 31 which also may provide a turn.

The next Jupiter-Mars conjunction will be August 17, 2013, completing Mar's trip covering all 5 points of the pentagram. However, before this we will be looking for a major market turn in May 2013, Cowan's Beast Cycle.


  1. platy,
    just wanted to write to say what a great article ! ! ! with that can i ask again, a question due to poor knowledge of markets and also of astrology for sure, in what direction you think markets could take off ??? again, i realize Astrology is a science and it can tell you what might or could happen but we have to digest it with grain of salt and sugar.
    thanks again,

    1. Thank you for the kind words Vickv :)

      My inclination is that the markets will drop into mid-August, causing the initiation of QE3. However, it is difficult to be sure yet. If the markets move up into mid-August then we are likely seeing a major top instead.

  2. wow! very impressive analysis, platy!


  3. platy,
    last two days of undue exuberance !!! was that in the channel::????
    did we miss anything or is just the mirage before sky falls on the roof
    again, i hate keep bothering you but i respect your opinion so that is why i wrote

    1. Unfortunately I don't catch all the turns so I don't know what caused this rally. Maybe Tuesday's Neptune-Venus conjunction at Nasdaq's 18° which gave lift-off so silver because it was 72° for silver.

      I'm really trying not to pay too much attention to the lesser (few days) turns and instead catch the major ones.

      I really think that gold and silver have broken decidedly out of their smaller triangles within their large triangles, so I am very bullish for them. We may get some pull back short term after this big run up which can be used to buy in.

      I'm sorry I still can't give a definitive direction for equities.

  4. Sorry, don't have a more on topic place to put this, but very good timely food prices & sunspot cycle article:
    The conclusion from this is that the upward move in the value of wheat right now is just following the swoop upward in the sunspot number that began in 2009. We should expect to see generally rising prices for wheat and other grains until about 2 years after the sunspot cycle has peaked, a peak which has not even happened yet.

  5. Platy
    I am trying to create some natal charts for NYSE, SP500 and 30yr treasury Bonds. Where can I get natal dates and times? I have tried to recreate some from your blog but I do not completely match your charts. I know I must be missing something.

    I have also heard you can create Natal charts on historical highs and lows. What is your experience? Know where I can find all time high low prices?

    1. It is not always easy to get natal chart information. I got NYSE from Brad Cowan's work in PTCT.
      I got S&P from Wikipedia
      "The S&P 500 index in its present form began on March 4, 1957."
      I often use Bonnie Hill's site:

      If I can't find a good natal date that works I sometimes use historical highs and lows as you said to try to figure it out. But this is very time consuming work. It is not necessary to find all time extremes. A few years should be enough.

      I'm really happy that you are interested enough to experiment with this. Please let us know what you find!

  6. Good stuff. Just found your blog. Some excellent work here, IMO.


  7. Well looks like its the 25th for the turn then?

    1. Here is my current view (my opinion only and not trading advice):

      VIX is at extremely low levels indicating that the markets are topping. I'm expecting equities to make a double top with the March high, maybe a little higher. Today is the Jupiter-Mars opposition and a New Moon so it could happen today. I don't think it will stretch out to the 25th.

      Once we reverse I think the 25th or 31st will produce a bottom (maybe a double bottom). I think long term the market has higher to go.

    2. This is just a possible roadmap only. Since we did not reach the double top Friday it seems we have higher still to go which puts our turn into Monday at least.

      As each of the "likely" turn dates goes by without a turn we have to consider the possibility that instead of a major turn we have a continuation. We just have to let this play out and be very cautious.

  8. Thanks but it could be that Monday is the reversal day which starts with a top but followed by a strong negative move.

    1. There is a very good chance of that!

  9. I think we have had our top or near to it and the markets should start negative in the far east followed by europe and USA on Monday.

    1. I hope so because the timing makes sense and it would work off some of the oversold VIX.

      I don't think it will last long though.