Wednesday, July 11, 2012

7/13: Uranus Turns Retrograde

On 7/13, Uranus will turn retrograde near gold's 72°/silver's 36° harmonic. This is also near Nasdaq's 18°.
7/13/12 Uranus Turns Retrograde Near Gold 72° Harmonic
  At this point I should point out something that one of my anonymous readers recently reminded me of. We use the same pentagram for heliocentric and geocentric analysis. We know this is correct for the Nasdaq because Cowan does the same thing, and it works for our analysis of past turns and has been a good predictor. Cotton seems to follow the same rule.

However, it may not necessarily true that the same pentagram should be applied to both orientations for all instruments. It may have been a coincidence that the same pentagram applies for the Nasdaq and cotton. My silver and gold pentagram analysis was made before I knew that geocentric analysis was important, so I have not done an extensive analysis of geocentric turns using gold or silver's heliocentric or geocentrically-derived pentagrams. This is time consuming work and I have been traveling now for about a month.

To be clear, the gold/silver heliocentric pentagrams seem fine, especially silver which we have been testing for several months - it is only the geocentric pentagram that is in question.

I am back home now but with company for a couple more weeks. I hope to get some time to work on this soon. I know the timing for PMs right now is very important.


  1. platy,
    i read your posts religiously; but can i ask this question about coming harmonic silver cycle and what do we expect to silver if i may with all the respect to your work????

    1. Hi Vickv,

      Thank you for your interest! What I want to say most of all, is that it is very difficult to use this type of analysis by itself. Or maybe I'm just not good enough yet! So I try to use it in combination with other methods.

      Silver has been holding trendline support at about 26 for about a year and a half. So unless/until it breaks decisively below, I have only looked for opportunities to buy near there & lighten up above.

      I follow Salad's work very closely, I highly recommend it: Salad is pretty bullish right now, so I am too. :) I'm just looking right now to find the reason why silver will finally break out of its long triangle. I think it will happen soon.

  2. platy,
    with same i forgot to write about Nasdaq also if you don't mind mentioning,
    As always thanks,

    1. I am also bullish on the Nasdaq for now, although that is a little less clear. I am not as confident about this because I believe at some point the markets will crash but the metals should remain strong. I just don't think it's time yet.

  3. NYSE (using birthdate 5/17/1792 4:45:03 and GMT correction of 4.93) has some interesting configuration for 7/16 using geocentric positions and a heliocentric pentagram. Lots of aspects:
    Moon Square Pentagram
    Mars Trine Pentagram
    Jupiter & Ceres Conjunct Pentagram
    Saturn Sesquiquadrate Pentagram
    Uranus Sextile Pentagram
    Neptune Trine Pentagram
    Jupiter Trine Mars
    Mars Quintile Sun
    Pluto Square Mars
    Pluto Square Uranus

    With so many aspects I am expecting a large movement in stocks.

    1. Lots going on! I have the 17th highlighted here: