Thursday, June 21, 2012

Silver: Saturn/Jupiter 18°

Silver and gold topped on 6/6, when heliocentric Earth was conjunct Venus near 72°. Although I was looking for Earth and Venus 72° harmonics in the last post about metals, I neglected to note the day of their conjunction, which was a big mistake because conjunctions are more important than single planet harmonics. But it was not simply the Earth-Venus conjunction that caused the reversal; it was its combination with Ceres 72°. It is also noteworthy that geocentric Neptune turned retrograde near 72° on 6/5.

Looking ahead, there is a heliocentric Saturn 18° harmonic on June 30, and geocentric Jupiter 18° on July 2. Heliocentric Venus 36° square Saturn on 7/3 may improve the timing. Are these significant enough to finally end the silver bear? If not, I'll be looking for the geocentric Jupiter-Ceres conjunction at 18° on July 10 as the next opportunity. However, it may require the influence of Neptune to finally wake silver up, and we have some Neptune conjunctions coming up.

[I may not have time to post charts, sorry.]

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