Thursday, June 21, 2012

Silver: Moon's Nodes Square Neptune

I may have (again) overlooked something important. The Moon's nodes are currently near silver's 18°. These are very slow moving "objects" (actually not objects but locations) and I don't typically pay much attention to them for market analysis, but they may be very important in this case because the nodes are currently square Neptune, a very important planet for silver.

July 3 will be exact 18° crossing, which is also a Full Moon near 18° square Uranus near 36° and the same date pinpointed in the previous post. So the case for a major turn on this date is intensifying.

7/3/12: Silver Geocentric Harmonics

7/3/12: Silver Heliocentric Harmonics


  1. Manfred Zimmel checks in with first free issue in 7 months:
    He insists again that aug 2013 will be huge, but somewhere at/near that 17.6-Year inflation low in 2017.6 (after a high inflation burnout?), things will go far far worse yet.