Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rock of Ages

I just watched Rock of Ages and although we do not do a lot on symbology here (definitely not our expertise), I could not help but notice what I believe are repeated references to Cowan's (Biblical) Beast cycle. I'm not recommending the movie by the way; it was not my taste, but I find the symbolism interesting.

First of all, the movie takes place in 1987, one of the Beast cycle years. Early in the movie was a line "I haven't charged a girl money [for drinks] since 1973", noting a cultural shift from 1973 to 1974, another Beast cycle year. (2000 was also a Beast cycle, and the next one occurs in 2013.)

The first scene with Stacee Jaxx features a Baphomet prominently on his crotch. This is a reference to the Mars-Earth-Venus Golden Triangle that defines the Beast cycle. Sherrie works at the Venus Club.

The Bourbon Room audience showed their approval of the performers by using the  Sign of the Horns hand gesture, symbolically synonymous with the Baphomet.

Each time Patricia Whitmore is interviewed by Channel 6, there is a clear double red 6 on the microphone, combined with a large red 6 in the banner at lower right, making 666, a reference to the 666 weeks of the Beast cycle.

The title "Rock of Ages" is an obvious reference to Jesus Christ, and Whitmore's campaign against rock & roll is akin to the Christain recognition of the Satanic Christ embodied by Stacee Jaxx (Satan-Jesus, or anti-Christ). The name Stacee Jaxx adds to 666 in the Gematria calculator if one of the a's is removed.

Of course this is only my interpretation. What did you see?


  1. During the tv interview, the mic is turned to show 2 6s and there is one on the right corner.6 6 6, he sings under a pyramid, there is a eye on the wall outside of the club, and depending on how they show his chest tat, it is an eye around his nipple.

    1. Check out the ending credits, when they show Russell Brands character in 3 pictures shown on the screen, there r 3 separate pix of him and they have 6 on each screen printed on the microphone making it 6 6 6, creepy!!!