Monday, June 25, 2012

Gold's Natal Chart

Reader Timer suggests April 1, 1968 for gold's natal chart.
On the 15th March 1968, the authorities closed the London gold market for two weeks, following an unprecedented three-day speculative surge of gold buying. When the London gold market re-opened on the 1st of April 1968, it fixed the price in dollars not sterling, with the gold price no longer set, but free to float and with prices set twice a day, both in the morning and afternoon.  (Source)
Here is the heliocentric chart:

4/1/1968: Gold Natal Chart
As usual, we orient the pentagram from Jupiter's position, at 4° Virgo 2'34", or about 154° from 0° Aries. This is exactly one of the points identified earlier in our proposed reverse-engineered gold pentagram. Perfect!

Here is a longer term heliocentric gold harmonics chart I made a while ago based on these harmonics:

Gold Futures and Heliocentric Harmonics
Thank you Timer!


  1. Looks pretty solid!
    Good work guys!

  2. Platy,

    The most amazing point of the 1 Apr 1968 chart that you have missed out, is the 144 deg travel of Uranus from its 1 Apr 1968 position, which is 2 x 72 deg of the pentagram.

    1. Sorry Timer, not following... 144 degrees traveled from 1 Apr 1968 to what date? Heliocentric chart?

    2. Ok I see now. The 1999 major bottom was caused by Neptune 36°. Then early 2001 was another major low when Uranus was 144° from its natal position. Good catch! Thanks again Timer!

  3. Thanks for the gold chart! It is amazing how it aligns with the major turning points. I was expecting a major low in November this year. For 10/31/2012, geocentric Uranus, Jupiter, and Sun are all on the pentagram vertices. According to mundane astrology, Sun the ruler of Leo rules gold. The alignment to the pentagram vertices is even better if you allow the pentagram to dynamically rotate based on the motion of the Galactic Center since the natal date (just add the movement of GC to the natal pentagram location).

    1. I'm not seeing geocentric Uranus, Jupiter and Sun on gold's pentagram for 10/31/12... Can you double check please?

    2. I think I see what you did here. You used Jupiter's geocentric natal position for the geocentric pentagram.

      This issue caused a lot of confusion for Buffee and me when she first brought up the geocentric pentagram months ago. What we finally figured out is that it is the heliocentric pentagram that applies to both the heliocentric and geocentric charts. I know that is very counter-intuitive, but it's what seems to work. I'm confident that it is correct for the Nasdaq however, and Cowan affirms this. It is worth keeping an eye on though just in case we got this wrong for other instruments.

  4. hi Platy,
    I'm just now getting around to working on this interesting thread and having trouble with your point about Neptune 36 on the 1999 major bottom. Helio Neptune at 303 in July/Aug 1999 and not seeing how it matches up with the pentagon (if you're using helio Jup at 154 for one of the 5 major points). Also, using major points 154, 226, 298, 10, 82 (and minor points 190, 262, 334, 46, 118), I've made a master list of all the major planets hits to these points and haven't found the "reason" for the Aug/Sept 2011 high.
    I did post the following in another group and will repost it here as it might help. Hope you'll let me know what I'm missing:

    The last four helio Jup/Sat conjunctions have been very close to exact for the
    major highs and lows in gold:

    11/20/1975 Jup 0 Sat August 1975 LOW
    10/2/1087 Jup 0 Sat December 1987 HIGH
    8/10/1999 Jup 0 Sat July/August 1999 LOW
    6/18/2011 Jup 0 Sat August 2011 HIGH

    If gold follows the price pattern after the Dec. 1987 high, then there will be a
    lower high between April 2013 and April 2014, a low in November 2016, a sharp
    rally to a spike high in June 2017 and then a sharp drop. The a choppy rally
    back up into mid 2019 and a major low in November 2020.

    1. Good to hear from you Buffee!

      Very busy here - really appreciate your work. I'll take a look when I get a chance!

    2. You're right of course Buffee! No Neptune harmonic for the 1999 low. I do see Uranus 18° on Aug 25.

      I'm confused about your helio Jup/Sat conjunction dates... I have:
      April 16, 1981
      June 22, 2000

      Can you please double check?

  5. arrggggghhhh. thanks for pointing that out - I'm so off here. have to redo it - my thinking is that Jup/Sat "rules" gold movement - I'll let you know what I find.

    1. No problem Buffee, we caught each others mistakes. This is why it's so much better to have 2 people looking at it!

  6. There is a Jupiter Saturn cycle present in Gold but it's synodic. 1/19/1980 - all time high to that point - plus J-S 360* = 7/8/1999. The actual low was 8/25/99 so I think this is pretty impressive. Briefly, the major highs and lows in the cycle ran as follows:
    1/19/1980 L
    + @ 36* J-S L 6/21/1982
    + @ 45* J-S H 2/15/1983
    + @ 90* J-S L 2/25/1984
    + @ 120* J-S H/L 10/8/1986, 11/24/1986
    + @ 144* J-S H (double top with 2/15/1983) 12/14/1987
    + @ 180* J-S L/H 9/15/1989, 2/5/1990
    Gold went sideways and made a triple top near
    + @ 288* J-S H 2/5/1996
    then down to
    + 360* J-S L 8/25/1999
    This tells me that the current bull wave in gold will last 360* J-S (11/7/2019). +144* J-S for this current wave was an almost perfect hit to the March 2008 high so it looks as if this is not an exact "inversion" of the bear wave.