Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Geocentric Ceres 36°

The market reversed at the heliocentric Mars 36° cycle on May 30, then bottomed last week on the day of the lunar eclipse.
Nasdaq Futures
The eclipse was part of a major confluence of geocentric cycles, all occurring on different days last week. If all of these cycles together form a single turn event, then it is the fastest moving object - the Moon in this case - that provides the best timing for the turn. This method of narrowing the timing window is somewhat experimental so we will have to wait to see for sure whether all 5 cycles were actually close enough in time to make a single event. (If not then Monday's low should be broken very soon.)

There is a geocentric Ceres 36° cycle on June 21. Here is another opportunity to test the timing window experiment, because on June 25, Saturn turns direct very close to 36°, and 144° from Ceres. [Note that Cowan does not address retrograde/direct planets so this also should be taken as observational for now.] If these 2 events constitute a single turn window, then Ceres is the closer object and should give the better turn date. But the 26th is a geocentric Sun 72° cycle (heliocentric Earth 36°), and the closest object, the Moon, joins Ceres at 36°on the 17th, the Sun (as New Moon) at 72°on the 19th, and Saturn at 36° on the 28th.
6/28/12: Geocentric Cycles
This gives us a very undesirable 12 day window to look for the next turn date, but in the interest of trying to learn something let's see how this plays out. I'm not even confident enough to put an educated guess on this one.

The next major turn window is mid-July.

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