Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Bill Foster's natal date for cotton is 3/22/1967. Here is the heliocentric natal chart:

3/22/1967: Cotton Natal Chart
Jupiter is at 04Leo25'12", or about 124° from 0° Aries.

Using these harmonics we can explain cotton's movements.

Cotton Futures
There is a heliocentric Ceres 72° cycle on July 12.


  1. very very cool Platy.
    On a side note
    These are Bonnie Lee Hill's notes on Gann's book "Tunnel Through the Air."

    Look at the wet and dry cotton farmer sections and their relation to geocentric neptune vs saturn, uranus, and jupiter.... very very interesting stuff and in the same theme as this post so I felt it was worth mentioning!!

    1. Been a while since I read through that - will have to read it again! Thanks Dolemite!