Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Upcoming Confluence of Cycles

We recently saw the Nasdaq top near a geocentric Uranus 18° harmonic, and potentially bottom near a heliocentric Uranus 18° harmonic. (The peak and bottom both occurred 2 days early on the daily chart, not too far off for slow-moving Uranus.) The (potential) bottom on the futures chart actually came in on Sunday night, the night of the annular solar eclipse.

Nasdaq Futures and the Uranus 18° Cycle
Wednesday, May 30 is a heliocentric Mars 36° cycle.

5/30/2012: Heliocentric Mars 36° Cycle
Normally such a cycle is a pretty big deal, but in this case we are very close to an interesting confluence of geocentric cycles:

6/4/12: G Partial Lunar Eclipse 18° Square Mars 72°
6/5/12: G Sun-Venus Transit 18°
6/6/12: G Mars 72°
6/7/12: G Jupiter 36°
6/8/12: G Saturn 36° (Retro)

6/4/2012: Partial Lunar Eclipse
This clustering of major harmonics should produce an important turn window, certainly more significant than heliocentric Mars 36° alone.


  1. Hi!

    Thought I'd mention that the 17.6-Year Cycle mentioned a few months ago does tie in to the 666 and 3996 family of panics, including Cowan's, because 4 times 17.6 is 70.4, and if you add a Phi 6.18 years it adds to precisely 76.58 years, the 3996-week cycle.

    This makes sense because a common method of determining turn dates is o look forward by many phi and pi multiple dates for another turn.

    June 4/12 coming I have as a "19 cluster" because it's a sum of 2 Metonic cycle numbers, added to a very key past event date.

    1. Fascinating! Searching now for this key past event... End to oil embargo and the U.S.-Saudi agreement?

  2. April5/1933= 1933.26 FDR
    June 4/2012= 2012.427 will be a square of prime 5 number of this Metonic subcycle from the first date!
    So that makes it kinda Pentagonal, too.

    1. Whoa!! Thanks Anonymous, hopefully we'll get an upturn on gold finally.

      Very intriguing stuff.

    2. That happened at a Uranus 72° harmonic. Uranus is now 18° from returning to that same location. (This will occur in May, 2013, coinciding with the Beast cycle!)

    3. "April5/1933= 1933.26 FDR
      June 4/2012= 2012.427 will be a square of prime 5 number of this Metonic subcycle from the first date!
      So that makes it kinda Pentagonal, too."

      "427 will be a square of prime 5 number of this Metonic subcycle from the first date!" Can you clarify what you mean please?

  3. Things must be slow in the financial forecasting world!

    See here Armstrong is putting out a book this summer about earth changes, Mayan cycles, etc.
    $125, so if you're poor you won't know when/if the world is going to end.
    One would think this info should be publicly available, since it was all gotten from geophysics ships mapping the ocean floors, etc.
    05-31-2012 Connectivity of Markets
    See 4th page:

    1. The Younger Dryas extinction was 13k years ago. The last supervolcano was New Zealand, 26k years ago. There is definitely a long term cycle in play that relates to the precession of the Equinox. The Mayans point to the end of this year, but - just a thought - maybe what they were counting down to was the "peak" of society - not the end but the beginning of the end. I think our best source is the Bible. Daniel's 70 week prophecy and Revelation point to events that should take place years from now, not decades.

      I would be very interested in Armstrong's view on this and he deserves compensation for his unique efforts but I won't be paying the $125. I suspect things will become more and more clear the closer we get. We have the clues we need to put it together.