Friday, May 11, 2012

Heliocentric Uranus 18°

April 5th was a geocentric Uranus 18° cycle, discussed here.

The Nasdaq peaked 2 days earlier, on the 3rd.

Nasdaq Futures
The heliocentric Uranus 18° cycle is coming up on May 23 (based on the NYSE natal chart). However, Cowan has this date as May 15 in Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory, and considers this turn already complete as a top. Uranus is slow-moving so an exact date is hard to pinpoint, and given Cowan's track record and experience I'll defer to him but just make note of the possibility of an important turn later this month.

May 20th is not only a heliocentric Earth 72° harmonic (one of the 5 fixed turn dates every year) but also a geocentric annular solar eclipse near 36°. The last solar eclipse was 11/25/11, a major turn. The eclipse occurs at the Moon's South node adding tension to the Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square we have been following.

June and July have important turn dates as well.

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