Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Silver Turn Dates Ahead

In our last post about silver, we identified March 1st as a major turn date for silver due to a Jupiter 72° harmonic. The actual peak was a day earlier, on February 29, and indeed it was a major turn.

Silver Futures
Geocentric Mars reached silver's 36° harmonic on April 25 in the Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square we have been focused on, forming the most recent low. A similar formation had been made on April 2, a recent high.

There are a few silver harmonics approaching which could be candidates for another turn in silver, potentially ending the current bear cycle. On 5/3 there is a heliocentric Mars 72° cycle (Mars natal return).

5/3/12: Silver Heliocentric Mars 72° Cycle

On May 6 there is a full moon (Super Moon) near 36°, Sun near 72°.  This is also near the Nasdaq 36° harmonic. Also on 5/6 there is a heliocentric Saturn-Venus conjunction near 18°.

[5/6/12 Note: I had Gold's harmonic cycle incorrectly identified and have removed references to gold in this post.]

May 7 is a heliocentric Earth 36° harmonic and the 8th is a Neptune-Mercury conjunction near silver's 72°. I don't usually pay much attention to Mercury so I don't expect the last one to be a major turn date but we have seen that Neptune conjunctions are very important for silver so it is worth a mention. I see these later events as less important than the others but the clustering of several turn dates like this often increases the importance of a timing window.

On a side note, I am going to stop tracking natural gas. The 4/19 bottom is not explained by the harmonics previously identified, so more work is needed for this and with limited time I would rather focus on the other assets we have been looking at. Silver in particular has performed so well that I am going to remove the "experimental" descriptor from its watch list.


  1. Keep up the interesting work, this is all still very new to me and it takes an age just to understand the various degrees and how they interlink.

    I was thinking that once I have mastered the S&P500, I'd quite like to look at the Natural Gas market - do you know where I could obtain long-term data in CSV/ASCII file format?
    The longest my charting provider offers is a few years

    Thanks in advance

    1. Sorry, I don't know where to obtain long term natgas data. A few years is probably enough though to establish a correlation sufficient for predictions. I just haven't had the interest to work on it. Thanks for your interest and let us know what you come up with!

  2. Fascinating stuff as always Platy
    Hope you are well
    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Thanks Dolemite, yes I am well thank you!

  3. Another new low today, 5/3. Let's see if it can turn around here.

  4. Well it turns out that you were right on the turn dates.... Except that the new trend was DOWN, not up lol Still, this is some interesting information, keep up the good work ;)

    1. Right... Hopefully one of these day's I'll learn to stop putting an interpretation on the data, and just present it as it comes!