Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11 Sumatra Quake - 8.6

Today's megaquake in Sumatra was caused in part by the same Neptune-Moon's nodes-Mars square responsible for March 20th's 7.6 quake in Mexico and  March 25th's 7.2 quake in Chili first discussed here. Let's look at the astrological chart.

4/11/2012: Sumatra Quake

Venus is conjunct the South node. Mars has moved retrograde (backwards) and is now closer to direct opposition with Neptune. (Mars will reach its maximum opposition with Neptune on the 14th when it turns direct.) The Sun is now almost at direct opposition with Saturn. (It will be at opposition on the 15th.) There may be more activity on the 14th/15th, but hopefully most of the stress has been relieved already.

The Moon is near the Galactic Center. The location of the quake is opposite the Moon/GC/Pluto. Sumatra takes the brunt of many disasters because of its location opposite the GC.

Later this month the Sun moves into the trine position with Pluto and Mars, replacing Jupiter's role in March's Mexico and Chili quakes, with the Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square still intact.


  1. Hi there! I've been following your site for a while now and I'm wondering isn't it a little easy to make all these comments in RETROSPECTIVE? There are planetary movements 365 days a year so obviously one can explain ANY event at any time by a certain planetary movement, nothing really revealing here. I think it would be much more challenging to PREDICT things rather than explain what just happened IMO...

    1. I said early on that earthquake prediction is very difficult but that is is instructive to look at the cause of quakes after the fact to see what we can learn. I am very new to this and am constantly looking for ways to improve. If you look back at all my disaster predictions you will see that some of them were spot on, exactly to the day. I also said that the Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square is a threat from March through May but that there could be many factors that could trigger a large quake during this time. I also look ahead in every post like this to try to see the next threat. In this post I mentioned April 14/15 as possibilities as well as the end of April, so there is the prediction you asked for.

  2. 4 min u-tube vid moon/sun/skies Apr15- jun19
    mentions MAY6 moon will be the closest in all 2012.
    also mentions the name of free software he uses.

    1. Yes, super moon on May 6... often associated with large quakes. Good vid, thanks!