Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silver - What Happened?

I had March 5th down for a major reversal in silver due to a Jupiter 72° harmonic in this post. It seems that we got our reversal yesterday (February 29th) instead. So what happened?

Mostly this was my fault. My method for making predictions involves visually overlaying one grid with another, and to make things simpler I had been rounding to the nearest degree. Most of the time this works fine since for the faster inner planets the error is at most a few hours. But in the case of silver, the error was almost a half a degree, and for slow moving Jupiter that error translates to a few days.

Jupiter's natal position is 28Can37'59". The precise 72° harmonic from that is 16Tau37'59". Jupiter reaches this position later today, still a day later than the actual peak.

3/1/12: Jupiter at Silver 72° Harmonic

Why did the reversal happen yesterday? I can't think of any reason. (Maybe one of my readers has an idea?) But as a prediction, if it had been done correctly, 1 day of error would not have been bad. This was the first outer planet harmonic prediction on this blog so we learned an important lesson.

Of course the possibility exists that today will mark a major low rather than a major high that we had been looking for but I see this as a lower probability. Time will tell.

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