Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3/20: Mexico Quake - 7.6

In this post we warned of a possible March 14th disaster. In fact, we did see some increased earthquake activity that day, the largest being a magnitude 6.9 off the East coast of Japan near last year's devistating 9.0 quake and tsunami.

But we warned that there was something potentially more dangerous lurking on the 20th (today), because of Neptune and the Moon completing the square with Mars and the Moon's nodes, and the Moon creating a "bow and arrow" configuration in addition to the square, and because of the potential validity of the 188-day quake cycle.

Today we had a Magnitude 7.6 quake in Guerrero, Mexico.

Here is the astrological chart for the quake:

3/20/2012: Guerrero, Mexico Quake
I don't see anything in this chart that would have led me to suspect Mexico as a possible target, but locations are very difficult to predict and recall that solstices and equinoxes generally have an increased likelihood of disaster because of the Sun's aspects to the Galactic Center, and in this case, the longitude of the quake is indeed close to the GC.

Fortunately, there have been no deaths reported.

The Neptune/Moon's nodes/Mars square remains intact through May 22, so the potential exists for more large quakes or other disasters during this time, especially any time one of the planets or the moon conjuncts one of the points of the square.

The April 6th full moon could also be a trigger because of the added stress of such an aspect and its location at the midpoints of the square. April 10 has Venus conjunct the  South node and the Moon conjunct the North node. Southern California could potentially be affected as the Sun will be at that latitude range on those dates.


  1. Wow, powerful indeed! So we may get a bottom in commodities along with nat gas today and an earthquake right on schedule! Hopefully there won't be too mauch damage in Mexico today. Thanks for posting these interesting observations. Joe

    1. You're welcome Joe. Unfortunately, the danger threat due to the Neptune square will persist for a few weeks. But often the worst of it occurs at the time of the square's completion, so hopefully the majority of the stress has been relieved already.