Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/7-12 Earth Cycle, Full Moon, Venus and Mars Cycles

Yesterday was a heliocentric Earth 72° harmonic, one of the Five Fixed Turn Dates Every Year. [Note: I had previously incorrectly identified this date as 3/8 but it should be 3/7.]

3/7/12: Heliocentric Earth 72°
However, this event may have been trumped by the Mars-Earth conjunction just a few days ago. It seems that when conjunctions occur near a harmonic (both in space and time), the conjunction becomes the turn indicator rather than (or perhaps in addition to?) the individual planets. At any rate, the Mars-Earth combination is certainly more powerful than either Mars or Earth alone.

Today is a geocentric Full Moon at 72° with Sun at 36°.

3/8/12: Geocentric Full Moon

Tomorrow Venus is at a heliocentric 18° harmonic squaring Saturn near 36° and Ceres near 72°.

3/9/12: Heliocentric Venus 18° Square Saturn, Ceres
Early on Monday Mars reaches the same 72° harmonic as Earth did yesterday. As seen here, Mars harmonics are a pretty big deal and this one is more than a week after the Mars-Earth conjunction on the 3rd which could be far enough in time to create another distinct significant turn.

3/12/12: Heliocentric Mars 72°


  1. wow - that is a thoughtful analysis, platy - much appreciated. it's one thing to have the potential cits and another to "read" them. Thanks for sharing.