Thursday, March 1, 2012

3/3 Mars-Earth Conjunction

This weekend is a heliocentric Mars-Earth conjunction at a 72° harmonic for the Nasdaq and 36° for crude. Conjunctions are often more significant than single planet harmonics, so this could produce a meaningful turn.

3/3/2012: Mars-Earth Conjunction


  1. Hello!
    I just saw something that deserves pointing out, because it's in a key index, and it will very shortly prove one way or the other, maybe even your "turn".

    I cannot give you a link to the chart, as it seems to be proprietary, and TinEye the plug-in image finder for Firefox can't find it.
    If you have access to a LT charting service, chart the $SPX back to at least 1995, but divide it by $USD index so that the dollar dimension in the numerator is removed (or,the ratio now says 'price of SPX, valued in USDollars'.

    You will see a clear flagpole that is the rise into 2000. Then a second lower point at the late 2007 high, now the third peak point this week when $SPX is near 1375. Draw a line connecting these 3 points.
    The 2 lows are March 2003 and March 2009. Draw a line connecting through those points.
    Voila! A flag or pennant, methinks.
    If we are to see Cowan's claim of 2013 come true, then this ratio should break upside through the upper line, and soon.
    Or maybe it'll fake out first.

    1. Having trouble making the chart, but what you say makes sense - the dollar has no choice but to continue downwards to its death (along with all other major currencies). Maybe someone else here can make the chart for us to see?

  2. Election year historical Dow % seasonality range:

    Scroll down 1/2 way to the embedded chart for supposedly behavior 2012. Blue plot.
    There is a fairly small turn down, +1 to -2%, again on average, about the 7th of April.
    But we're in March still.

    1. This is a very interesting graph, thank you! Unfortunately your comment went to spam so I only caught it just now, sorry!

  3. Made this chart this morning

    Angle from May 2011 High to Oct 4 low on this chart is 51 degrees down.
    Projecting that back up gives us the may 2 2011 high price of 1373.5 on..... Mar 12, the day of the geocentric earth grand trine.....

    also note the large scale rsi divergence through all of Feb

    I think being long volatility will be the play
    Whether we go up or down... we shall know soon

    good luck to all!!