Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/22 - 3/24 New Moon, Jupiter & Ceres Cycles, Uranus-Sun Conjunction

We have some important cycles coming up, all of them geocentric. (Thanks to Buffee for pointing out Jupiter 18° tomorrow.)

3/22/12: G New Moon 18°
3/22/12: G Jupiter 18°
3/23/12: G Ceres 72°

3/24/12: G Uranus-Sun Conj 18°

This tight clustering of important events should be heeded.  I may not do the charts as I am pretty consumed with taxes.

Here is a weekly graph (thanks to Graham) showing the effect on the Dow of geocentric Jupiter 18° harmonics anchored to the 9/24/05 return to natal position:

Notice that the next Jupiter harmonic also occurs in a similar important clustering:

6/5/12: G Sun-Venus Transit 18°
6/6/12: G Mars 72° 

6/7/12: G Jupiter 36°
6/8/12: G Saturn 36° (Retro)

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