Friday, March 16, 2012

3/20: Natural Gas

The last post on natural gas predicted a change in direction on February 26, a Sunday. The following day, natural gas put in a large topping tail and headed down.

Natural Gas Futures

We have another potential trend change coming next Tuesday. Geocentric Mars (in retrograde) will be at natural gas' 18° harmonic opposing the Moon and squaring the Moon's nodes at 72° and 36°; a completed square (and also a possible disaster threat).

3/20/2012: Geocentric Mars and Moon Squaring Moon's Nodes at Natural Gas Harmonics

Notice also that today is an Expiration Friday (marked by vertical dashed red lines in the top chart), which also often brings trend changes, and that natural gas is currently at a possible double bottom with February 26th's low.


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  2. Great blog- I'm currently studying Cowans course as we speak - all pretty mind-blowing stuff once you get your head around it all!
    Cowans site referred your blog directly too.

    1. Thank you! Cowan's site refers to this blog? This is news to me!

  3. Hi Platy,

    No not on the site, I'm currently studying Cowan's course and asked them if there were any sites out there using his techniques for me to obtain an alternative view from and they recommended yours! Hence why I've come along to view.

    After studying all Cowans material suddenly (for me anyway) market movements are making sense, the only problem I have now if identifying turning points myself!

    Keep up the great blog and I look forward to reading your analysis during the weeks, months and years ahead.

    1. Great that they are both aware of and referring my site! :)

      I also found 2 active Yahoo groups last night.

  4. Great - I'm not a fan of discussion groups and the like but they hopefully might help me in speeding up learning his material. Yahoo was my next search
    Thank's for listing - I'll have a look in the weeks that follow.