Saturday, March 10, 2012

3/14 Jupiter-Venus Conjunction

Next Wednesday morning there is a geocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Venus near Nasdaq's 18° harmonic, and forming a nearly perfect Grand Trine with Pluto and Mars.

Jupiter and Venus are currently visible in the western night sky (Venus is the brighter one). At their closest approach they will be only 3° apart.

From a financial standpoint, I'm not really sure how important this conjunction is. Venus tends to give good turn dates especially when aspecting another planet, and Jupiter is major for us. Furthermore, Pluto is near silver's 18° harmonic, and Mars is near Natural Gas' 18° harmonic, so if it is important, it could affect all the instruments we typically watch. But 18° is a minor harmonic. And while Cowan does talk about 120° harmonics, he does not talk about trines at all. But there does seem to be something important about this particular configuration, so we will have to wait and see how significant it is for the markets.

3/14/12: Geocentric Jupiter-Venus Conjunction Trine Pluto and Mars

Symbolically, Venus is represented by Mary and Jesus = Zeus = Jupiter. There are some who theorize that the Star of Bethlehem was actually a Jupiter-Venus conjunction. But Jupiter and Venus conjoin about once a year on average, so what makes this conjunction special? The 3° proximity is one reason. (Occultations are much rarer.) But the Grand Trine with Pluto and Mars is what warrants special attention to this event. Mars of course is the war planet, and despite its tiny size, Pluto represents power, especially on a global scale. Jupiter is also the planet of expansion and abundance (in contrast to Saturn, the planet of contraction and destruction.)

And Goro (on his paid site) has had his eye on this conjunction for some time, foreshadowed by December's Christmas Comet Lovejoy as Venus = Love and Jupiter = Joy. (Possible conception date for the Royal Couple?)

In terms of  disasters, although this is not a prediction, this configuration has the potential to bring on some sort of event, because of the perfectness of the trine, the importance of the planets involved, and the combination with Mars squaring the Moon's nodes. The Virgo zone is the most likely focus if a disaster happens, with Mars in Virgo being at the apex of both the trine and the square. But Neptune completing the square later this month brings on an even more dangerous element as discussed here.


  1. Greetings!

    This is more as a general update and reminder, not necessarily for posting as it's O/T, but here's Mr. Merriman's update March 12, with something again of note worth pointing out:,-2012/

    What does this mean? As I see it, the stock market either tops out right now (say no later than this month), or it continues to be bullish into at least August-November 2012 (or even March-May 2013). If stock prices make new cycle highs after March 2012, then the mean average study fails and we switch to the alternate Uranus-Pluto bullish scenario. In either case, the market is still prone to fall hard until Jupiter enters Leo, historically-speaking.
    Notice that he in no way sees Cowan's scenario of a top far later into 2013, meaning it would be such an outlier it hasn't been seen even in Merriman's 2 exceptional cases, 1929 & 1966!
    Another way of saying this is it will be in(astro)uncharted waters.

    He gives his 'make or break' time at the very end:
    but one of those possible scenarios would change if all stock indices make new yearly highs after March.

    Would it be possible to put up a permanent link, on your right sidebar, to the astro on/around AUG 16/2013?
    (Since it's just an astro chart, I doubt it would be an infringement just because of the specific date.)

    1. Thanks very much for this report. I have a lot of respect for Merriman for sure and his reports should be taken seriously. I don't think that Cowan necessarily has called for a market top in 2013, or if he did I missed it. But if the Beast cycle marks a top in May 2013 that is still consistent with Merriman's analysis above.

      I'm not clear exactly on what you would like me to link on the sidebar? Is this something from Merriman?

  2. Reply:

    Sorry for not being clearer in my request.

    I went back to a trial newsletter from last summer, and in it he shows the Cowan 666 SPX cycle timing, and refers to him in the text, and in the chart is added the note "interesting shape up first half of 2013".
    So that part agrees with Mr. Merriman.
    I got the Aug2013 date not from the book, which I don't have, but from a board where someone posted about Mr. Cowan's new book and that person put up the specific date, stating it was right out of the book.
    So what I was asking was for an astro chart of August 2013, if that is still correct.
    It could also be that Mr. Cowan was referring to the Nasdaq index only.

    1. Merriman referred to Cowan? That is very interesting! Do you have a link for that newsletter?

      I don't recall the Aug 2013 date being in Cowan's book. (I always thought his "warning" about 2013 on his website referred to the Beast cycle.) I will look for it.

    2. I looked for the August 2013 date in Cowan's book and still can't find it. It is interesting to note that Uranus was at 9° Aries at the peak of the stock market in September 1929, and returns to that location in May 2013. So again I think it's May 2013 that we need to pay particular attention to.

    3. weirder than that even - 9/5/1929 HIGH = helio URAN at 9:05 aries (9:05 = 95 harmonic) and 11/13/1029 LOW = helio URAN at 9:5 aries (9:50 = 95 harmonic) and 4/16/30 HIGH = helio URAN at 11:30 aries (11:30 = 113 harmonic)and 12/17/30 LOW = URAN = 14:09 aries (14:09 = 149 harmonic)...etc...

  3. @all, Manfred Zimmel also mentions the August 2013 date as a high ( amanita forecasting), if that is for any importance of you.

    He was right on market rhythm last two years but he himself is doubting whether cyclists may follow that rhythm anymore because og an unnatural fastness that he realized.

    regards and good luck to everyone

  4. Again, I wasn't specific enough.

    The trial newsletter was NOT Merriman. I had it for 3 months only. It was mainly for ag foods, but had some Gann & Cowan content.
    Thanks to Anonymous (other) for mentioning Manfred. I knew I would not take just one person with any authority without someone else chiming in, but I seem to remember too that shortly after I read that forum post, Mr. Zimmel specifically mentioned Aug 2013 in one of his free newsletters, which now sadly are few and far between and have very little in them. That's how that date got cemented in.

    He put his sub price up by 50% in late 2011, to 998 Euros/year (12 issues), and says he may just go to institutional advisory service soon(big buckos there).

    There is a place top left page to sign up for e-mail for his free newsletter.
    BTW, regarding his comment about 'fastness' cycles so powerful that time/events are compressing faster and faster, he did say there's at least one huge cycle, a 1500-year coming very soon (before decade's end).
    I have a note on that one!

    1. Thanks for the clarification. I got the free Zimmel newsletter and it does not go out to 2013, but the Bradley turn dates for 2012 are pretty close to some of our key dates.

      Is this the Zimmel article you are referring to?
      It talks about June 2012-August 2013 for the high, but this is a pretty wide range. It also talks about the convergence of hyperinflation cycles culminating this decade. This is told to us also by Revelations 6:6.

  5. A recent Jenkins udpate stated 'There is no more bullish astro event than a Jupiter Venus conjunction' - if that answers your question to Jupiter - Venus financial correlation. That certainly was the case on the 13th as S&P broke out to new highs above May '11 top.

    1. Thank you, very good to know! I'm not familiar with Jenkins. Do you have a link?

  6. also regarding Jupiter - the 1/1/12 Jupiter helio 18 resulted in the next td having a gap up open and continued strong uptrend. Next Jupiter 18 is 3/22 (geo) at 11 taurus. Will it have the same effect?