Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Silver: 2/16 Ceres-Venus Conjunction

There was a Jupiter-Venus conjunction on 1/26/12 at Silver's 72° harmonic discussed here. Changes in trend do not always imply strictly a top or a bottom; the trend can change between an up or down and a sideways movement, and that is exactly what we have seen. There had been a steep climb up into late January, and since the 26th Jupiter-Venus conjunction silver has done nothing but consolidate.

Silver: Consolidation Since Jupiter-Venus Conjunction
Silver's next significant turn is likely to come with the geocentric Ceres-Venus conjunction on February 16th. This conjunction occurs at silver's 36° harmonic.

2/16/2012: Ceres-Venus Conjunction (Geocentric) and Silver's Pentagram
In addition, Mercury is at a 72° harmonic, and Pluto and Saturn are near 18° harmonics on this date.

There is a major turn date coming up for silver on March 5 with a heliocentric Jupiter 72° harmonic. Previous Jupiter harmonic impacts on silver are seen in this post.


  1. On topic of general markets, what's shaping up is something likely never seen before, or at least not in this millennium.

    We've got astounding bullish sentiment, yet markets aren't even at their previous highs, and we're still 18 months from Brad's Aug2013!
    So, either this is going to be a melt-up for the ages, or we get there via a severe correction or mini-crash first.

    Rydex Funds Bull/Bear Ratio:

    1. (Sorry that I did not see your comment until just now because it went to spam.)

      I suspect we have much higher to go still - I like the way you put it, "a melt-up for the ages"!

      I think "Brad's date" is the May 2013 Beast Cycle. Others have mentioned Aug. 2013 but I have not seen anything from Brad on that date. Not sure if 2013 will be a high or a low yet but a huge run up to there would not at all surprise me.