Thursday, February 23, 2012

Natural Gas Move Coming?

The newest addition to our watch lists is natural gas. (I don't bother to make a watch list for crude oil because it is essentially the same as for the Nasdaq except 36° and 72° harmonics are switched.) We found an explanation for last month's natural gas bottom based on the natal chart, but have not yet made any predictions, so this is our first trial.

On Sunday, February 26, the Sun will cross an 18° harmonic of our proposed natural gas pentagram, squaring the Moon's nodes at 36° and 72° (geocentric).

2/26/2012: Natural Gas Harmonics

This seems a good set-up for a significant move.


  1. Using some cycle analysis, absolute bottom in Natural Gas points to summer 2012.

    I've already begun purchasing some stakes in NG exploration companies, like Exco (XCO). They have been completely shredded and look good from a risk/reward standpoint.

    As an aside, thanks for your blog. I've been checking in on it from time to time. Always thought-provoking.

    1. Nice chart, thanks! I guess I should extend the watch list through summer to see what's lying out there.