Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Changing Times

Dear Readers,

I will be cutting back on my postings to this blog. It has become clear that the world is undergoing an important change, and so we are planning for our future a more simple life. Like Marty would say, "it's just time".

Most of the readers I'm sure know how to use this blog by now. If you are not clear, please read through previous posts and ask questions. I'm not going away completely, and will try to respond to questions promptly, and also alert you when there is something really significant to pay attention to. I will try to keep the harmonic cycle watch lists up to date.

Thanks for your interest in this blog and best of luck to all of you!


  1. Hi Platy, too bad you are quitting. I have become a follower since December. Your references have been valuable (book of WD Gann), but I am still very new to the area. Would you have a good starting point? And would you know any other source for the Harmonic Cylce Watch list? Other than the Kairon software?

    1. Thanks so much for the nice note. I am not quitting, just scaling back.

      If you don't have Cowan's Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory, I really recommend that. He explains things much better than I can. Other than that, I have not found anything anywhere that uses this method. I know that Gann's methods are similar - after all, Cowan's work is based on Gann. But this is a step beyond Gann's work I believe, and also much simpler IMO.

      To clarify about the watch lists, I don't get them from Kairon. Kairon is just the astrology software that I use, but any package would work the same.

      I will try to explain my method for producing the harmonic cycle watch list.

      I cut out a piece of hard clear plastic the size of my astrology chart. On that plastic I put stickers at the Nasdaq 72° harmonic points. Then I put another color stickers at 36° locations, and a third color for 18° locations. I taped the plastic to the top of my screen so I can flip it up when I'm not using it. Then I just scroll through time looking for the dates that the planets cross these points. It is easy to rotate the plastic and re-tape it when I'm working on a different security's harmonic cycle.

      Also, Cowan has some software available that makes it easy to find harmonics. I believe you can download a trial version from his website.

      I hope this helps!