Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nasdaq, Silver Update


The last call on silver was made here with a Uranus-Venus conjunction on January 1, 2012. There was a major bottom made 2 trading days earlier on December 29, 2011. Since January 1 was a holiday and a long weekend we can't know what might have happened had the markets been open that day, and with the light holiday trading, I'm going to call this one inconclusive. We have a better opportunity for a real test coming up on 1/26/12 with a Jupiter-Venus conjunction near 72°. This should produce a significant turn.


Since the last Mars 36° cycle we had a Uranus-Venus Conjunction 18° and Venus 72° opposed Saturn 36° squared Earth 18°. I incorrectly called the Venus 72° cycle as a high, when it turned out to be a low. The affect of each of these harmonic events is shown below.

Nasdaq's Recent Turn Dates

There is a Venus 18° harmonic today, but more relevant I think is the same 1/26/12 Jupiter-Venus conjunction mentioned above that occurs at a Nasdaq 18° harmonic and could produce a significant (temporary) turn. Geocentrically, Venus, Vesta and the Moon are all in near conjunction near 36° and squaring the Moon's nodes this same day.

There is also a Venus 36° harmonic (geocentric) on the 28th and Earth 36° on the 31st, so we may see a bit of volatility in the next several days.


  1. Hi again.
    I thought I'd put this here, even though it's about the SPX, because it's timely, uses T/A to try to confirm/deny another method, and could tell us as early as tomorrow if Cowan is correct, or if we get to a high in the SPX via a longer detour, like down into this autumn?
    FED FOMC meeting is finished tomorrow, and this guy thinks we will not get a QE3, and that the SPX will collapse away from the trendline (looks valid as it has 3 touches, with a 4th near):
    Sunday Jan 22 article.


    1. Definitely an important trendline! Watching closely.

  2. The Silver ETF (SLV) faces significant overhead resistance as it is bumping up against its 200-day exponential moving average. I would not be surprised at a turn down here.

    1. Quite a move today! 200 DMA is pretty strong resistance. Thanks!

  3. Platy,
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  4. great blog
    Quick question for you

    You talk about a heliocentric Jupiter Venus conjunction on 1/26/12 near 72 degrees

    However, according to the heliocentric ephemaris, both will be at roughly 13 degrees Taurus, which is 43 degrees of the circle, not 72

    I am sure I am missing something as to where you got 72 (I know that 72 is the fifth harmonic, just dont see what current Venus and Jupiter have to do with it)

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi, this is a great question!

      Each security has its own harmonic, which depends on its natal chart. Here it gets tricky to figure out the starting location, but often Jupiter's location seems to work. The 72° harmonics are counted from this location.

      For the Nasdaq and the S&P the harmonics are found from the natal chart of the NYSE. This is discussed in this post:

      The S&P's natal chart and harmonics are discussed here:

      Silver is discussed here:

      And finally Natural gas is here:

      (I am not completely confident I have the Silver and Natural Gas harmonics correct yet so they are exploratory for now.)

      So now you can see why securities react differently to planetary aspects. A solar eclipse may cause one security to crash and have no affect at all on another, depending on where on the Zodiac the eclipse occured!

  5. Thanks a lot for the reply
    That cleared a lot up

    One final question
    Unless otherwise stated, it seems you are using heliocentric natal charts. Is that correct?

  6. Thanks for the detailed reply.

    On the 1792 NYSE natal, it looks as though you drew the pentagram using Saturn not Jupiter as starting point?

    Also, on the 1957 SnP natal, it looks like you start the pentagram with Uranus, not Jupiter?

    Going through the natal pentagrams and trying to line up the pentagram 72 degree harmonic with the helio Jupiter Venus conjunction at 13 degree taurus and cant get it to match....

    Sorry to be so dense, but after looking at this for a while, and reading Cowan's book, I still need to ask you this.....

    Thanks in advance

    1. The NYSE pentagram comes from Cowan, and you are right, it is drawn from Saturn's position.

      The S&P I figured out from Cowan's chapter on Saturn and wondering why he switched to the S&P for that analysis. Yes, it is drawn from Uranus' position. This is why figuring out the harmonics is so tricky. There is no set "rule" for this. You just have to figure out what works.

      Which security are you having trouble with?

    2. all of them hahahha

      I was more interested in the method
      "teach a man to fish" and all that

      You are certainly helping me fish and I appreciate it

      I will be a regular here and hope to help you in time as you have certainly helped me

      warm regards,

    3. lol

      I'm here to help. Ask questions any time!