Thursday, January 19, 2012

Geocentric Harmonics

Reader Buffee made a very important observation today. I had been focused entirely on heliocentric harmonics because that's what I thought Cowan did, based on his work in Pentagonal Time Cycle Theory. In fact, I stated here:

It should be noted that there was a geocentric (with the Earth in the middle) Mars-Jupiter conjunction on May 1, however, Cowan specifically states that the heliocentric, not the geocentric configuration should be used. So we must not be tempted to attribute the geocentric conjunction to the actual cause of this historic market turn.

But Buffee realized from studying Cowan's website,, that he uses BOTH heliocentric and geocentric harmonics, and that geocentric Mars harmonics are responsible for several recent major turn dates. This is a fantastic realization because it fills in a lot of blanks - now many previously unexplainable turn dates are explainable!

In the graph below, heliocentric harmonics are labeled in purple, and geocentric in green. Beautiful!

Nasdaq Futures: Heliocentric Harmonics in Purple; Geocentric Harmonics in Green
We are now adding geocentric harmonics to the watch list.

Great work Buffee!


  1. Platy,
    I have to agree with Buffee. I spent this last MLK weekend trying to find helio aspects with not much luck. When they are used together it's definately better.

  2. hi platy, thanks for your thoughtful post. I was concerned about the geo - thinking that geo points shouldn't' be responding to a helio pentagram but, taking a look at the nyse geo natal, I find that it is essentially the same as the helio pentagram but the outer points become the inner points and vice versa. Also there are different planets at the points. For example, at 57 (59), there is Sun and Merc. At 204-207, Jup ret and Nep. At 135 (131), there is Uranus. Isn't that interesting...! :-)

    1. Hello Platy, firstly great website I am so glad I found it I too studied Cowans book. I would welcome some people to bounce ideas off. Also some futher information for you all.

      17.1.2000 Dow made a high saturn was at 46.28 add 180=226.28 degrees which gives us a date of 10.1.2014.
      As Platy pointed out the turn on the 22nd May 2013 happened exactly when Uranus came back to the same position it was at when the crash in 1929 happened, the second top in 1929 was made on 4.9.1929 Uranus was at 9.083, the market then fell till Uranus hit 9.8401 on the 2.8.2013 Uranus returned to this same position and the market turhned down again. If you look at the turns in 1929 and the position of Uranus, it seems we are turning at the same angulations of Uranus.

    2. Great observations, thanks Daytrader!

  3. Hi.
    Found this from late Nov 2011.
    3 Peaks & A Domed House June 2011-.
    $SPX was just under 1200 then.
    Interesting how it has proved correct so far, and Point 23 corresponds to Cowan's 2013.62!
    Even the timeline is right--this is a 1-2 year formation.
    So pattern analysis does work to cross-verify things.

    1. This is very interesting, but, it looks to me from the chart at the bottom like Point 23 is in late December, 2011?