Thursday, January 12, 2012

The 188-Day Quake Cycle

Much has been made of the supposed 188-day quake cycle. The quakes belonging to this cycle include:
  • 2/27/10 8.8 Chile
  • 9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand 
  • 3/11/11 9.0 Japan 
  • 9/15/11 7.3 Fiji
Each of these are separated by 188 or 189 days. Going backwards there is nothing very convincing before the Chili quake unless you go back far enough, where you will find the 12/26/04 Indian Ocean quake and tsunami falls on this same cycle. This cycle became a big source of speculation on the Web even before the Fiji quake so when that one arrived it was time to take notice. Is there anything to this?

Let's look at the charts for the 4 quakes above.

2/27/10 8.8 Chile

2/27/10 8.8 Chile Heliocentric/Geocentric
Looking at the heliocentric chart on the left, Pluto & the Galactic Center are squared Venus and Saturn. Also, Juipiter is opposed Earth, and Uranus is opposed Saturn.

From the Geocentric chart we see that the latitude of the Chili quake is directly opposite the Jupiter-Sun conjunction.

9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand
9/3/10 7.0 New Zealand Heliocentric/Geocentric
The New Zealand quake was caused by the completed square: Pluto/GC - Uranus/Jupiter - Moon/South Node - Saturn. Both the latitude and longitude of the quake are near Saturn's location and opposite Uranus and Jupiter.

3/11/11 9.0 Japan
3/11/11 9.0 Japan Heliocentric/Geocentric
In both the Japan quake's Heliocentric and Geocentric charts, Saturn is opposing Jupiter. In the geocentric chart Uranus is squaring the Moon's nodes and the GC. The latitude is near Jupiter's location, opposite Saturn.

9/15/11 7.3 Fiji
9/15/11 7.3 Fiji Heliocentric/Geocentric
Pluto/GC are seen squaring Uranus and Venus in both Fiji's heliocentric and geocentric charts. The longitude of the quake is at Venus' location opposite Uranus.


Is there anything that ties these quakes together? If there is I don't see it. Some people have suggested there may be something "out there" like an asteroid that is helping to cause this cycle. I really don't know. If it is something "out there", then certainly that something is not acting alone to cause the quakes. There is enough evidence above to see that several hard aspects were in place for each of the quakes to have played at least a major part. But let's play this out in case it is real.

The next date on the cycle is 3/21/12. This date is significant in and of itself just because it is the Spring Equinox. Just as the Winter Solstice increases the likelihood of disaster (discussed briefly here) because the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Center, the same is true of Summer Solstice with the sun opposing the GC, and the Equinoxes with the sun squaring the GC. The charts below though are for 3/20, a day early, but a little more threatening it seems to me than the 21st.


3/20/12 Heliocentric/Geocentric
In the heliocentric chart the GC is squaring Uranus and Earth. In the geocentric chart there is a square between the Moon's nodes, Neptune and Mars that lasts through most of May. I picked March 20th rather than the 21st because 1) it is the day that this square becomes complete, and sometimes the completion of a square triggers quakes, and 2) the Moon's position makes a more perfect square and adds another dangerous aspect, which Hedke calls the "bow and arrow". In this aspect, you can see a trine with Jupiter, Pluto and Mars, and the Moon is half-way between Jupiter and Pluto. It is as if Mars is pulling the string of the bow and the Moon is the tip of the arrow. The combination of the completed square and the bow & arrow configuration makes this day particularly dangerous. I don't like to predict locations, especially with so many planets involved, but if there is a disaster on this day, the likelihood is that either the Pisces zone or the Virgo zone is involved, with the highest probability being Iceland or New Zealand.

The persistent square between the Moon's nodes, Neptune and Mars is a continued threat for several weeks. More on that later.


  1. Platy,
    Check your helio on mars/neptune feb 2
    gotta love it
    Natural Gas Buy ?
    In depth article here

    1. Yes Mars/Neptune - good catch. I have not been tracking Mars 18° cycles but maybe this one is worth noting.

      I finally bit on some UNG right at close today. Good article!

  2. Mexico city 7.7 quake just reported today on 3/20.... well done Platy

    1. Thank you Dolemite. I only hope that scientists will begin to take seriously the planetary affect on earthquakes so that people can be warned in advance.

  3. So what is the next day oct 10?

    1. Good question!

      Tomorrow is the optimal date from a cycle perspective, and it certainly is possible that we see another large quake tomorrow. 188/189 days from there puts us to September 25/26.