Thursday, January 12, 2012

1/13 Venus Cycle

The market has risen sharply since the 12/20/11 Mars 36° harmonic discussed here. (The low was put in on the 19th.) There was a Uranus-Venus conjunction on January 1 at an 18° harmonic mentioned here after which the Nasdaq popped up and left a gap that remains unfilled.

Nasdaq Futures and Mars/Venus Cycles

If the Nasdaq is going to take a break, the chances are good that Friday's Venus 72° harmonic will be the reason. Venus' turn dates are stronger when associated with other planetary harmonics/aspects, and this one opposes Saturn at 36° and squares Earth at 18°. As explained here the Saturn 36° harmonic itself was not significant but Saturn may be more influential in its role as opposition to Venus.
1/13/2012: Venus 72° Opposed Saturn 36° Squared Earth 18°

Although I see high chances for a significant pull-back beginning 1/13/12, my long-term outlook remains bullish as this event does not seem enough to top the markets for good.


  1. greetings:

    here is a link to WD Gann's work using planet movements to predict market price

    Please post ur astrological wheel setup: eg. Long/Lat used..Time Zone...House System...Ephemeris Type..Geocentric ????

  2. Welcome to my blog!

    Charts are heliocentric unless otherwise noted.
    Time zone is irrelevant as I pay no attention to the AC. I don't even know how to use houses. The pentagram in the chart above is fixed. Just pay attention to planets crossing the pentagram points (and the points in between the pentagram points).

    This system is as simple as it can be. I like simple things.

  3. Here is another link using Gann's method explained very well.


    this is a link to some nice software that will help in ur work

  5. Thanks! I have a Mac but maybe it will help others.

  6. Jan 13th has many heliocentric aspects. The next date with many aspects is Jan 20th which I posted previously. The aspects (with 1 degree orb) I have for Jan 13th using my dynamic pentagram are as follows:
    Venus 90 Earth
    Earth 90 Saturn
    Venus 180 Saturn
    Jupiter 72 Neptune
    Mars 135 Pluto
    Mercury 90 Chiron
    Venus 0 Pentagram
    Mars 45 Pentagram
    Jupiter 90 Pentagram
    Saturn 180 Pentagram
    Neptune 90 Pentagram

  7. Very interesting... we'll keep a watch on the 20th!