Friday, December 23, 2011

Venus Revisited

We saw before that Venus is responsible for many of the turns in the markets. Reader Buffee has done some further work on this and found that this planet continues to work well as a turn date indicator. Buffee saved me some work by providing a list of turn dates. I have indicated the 18° turn dates (what I used to refer to as "half-resonance" points) in long thin blue lines, and the 36° ("resonance") points in orange in the graph below.
Venus' Influence on Nasdaq Futures
Indeed, almost every Venus harmonic coincides with a turn of the markets, and some of them are major turns.

Thanks Buffee!


  1. Platy,
    I've always been Geo oriented, but I really like reading your work. Keep the sunshine coming.


  2. I think the next most likely turn date is 1/20/12 based on the following heliocentric aspects using a 1 degree orb:

    1. Neptune Square Pentagram
    2. Saturn Opposition Pentagram
    3. Jupiter Square Pentagram
    4. Mars Trine Pentagram
    5. Mercury Trine Pentagram
    6. Earth Trine Pentagram
    7. Chiron Sextile Venus
    8. Neptune Quintile Jupiter
    9. Saturn Sextile Mercury
    10. Mars Trine Mercury
    11. Earth Biquntile Mercury

    There are other aspects, but I am only considering the following aspects: 0, 45, 60, 70, 90, 120, 135, 144, and 180.

    I also like to plot the price of the index as MOD(Index, 360) since it usually makes a major aspect to the pentagram or to one of the important planets at turning points.

  3. Anonymous - your aspects 1-6 to "Pentagram" - I'm thinking you mean Cowan's pentagram - just wanted to double check. tia

  4. The pentagram I use is dynamic. It's initial date is the founding date of NYSE. I set one of it's vertex at 45 degree offset to the position of the Galactic Center on that date. That puts the vertex in aspect to the position of heliocentric Earth on that day. The pentagram position is dynamic and changes very slowly with the movement of the Galactic Center. I have found that this construction of the pentagram is more accurate at locating major turning ponits.

  5. thanks Anonymous. The sun aligns with the GC exactly on the Mayan date 12/21/12 at 28:39 sag (geo). Are you currently using a position near that for your pentagram? or are you using heliocentric positions for your pentagram - GC is between 28 and 29 gem currently I think? thanks in advance.

  6. correction: another source gives current position of GC at 27:00 sag (and near 24:00 sag on the birthday of the nyse) - both geo. Not sure these are exact though.