Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Upcoming Mars 36° Cycle

Updated  12/15/11

We saw in an earlier post that the October 3rd Mars 72° harmonic resulted in the dramatic reversal the next day.

In addition, the Nasdaq futures hit their highest value since the 2000 bubble on July 26, 2011, one day after a Mars 36° harmonic. Note that Neptune is squared (90° from) Mars. Although Cowan does not consider planets further out then Uranus, I am beginning to suspect that Neptune plays a very important role in market movements. This will be highlighted in an upcoming post about silver.
7/26/11 Nasdaq High

The impact of these harmonic crossings is shown in the following graph.
Nasdaq Futures and Mars Harmonics
The next Mars 36° harmonic is December 20.
12/20/11 Mars 36° Harmonic
I will be paying close attention to 12/20-21 for a possible major reversal. Whether it is a top or a bottom remains to be seen.

In addition, Jupiter makes an 18° harmonic on 12/29.


  1. S&P 500 peaked in line with the full moon and the preceding swing low was aligned with the last new moon. I expect that if the market is following the lunar cycle, the trend will be lower till the next new moon. I agree with you though that 12/21 is likely to be a turning point.

  2. Although I was a aware that the lunar cycle affects markets I have not been following lunar cycles until I saw the impact of the last solar eclipse, around Thanksgiving. After seeing that I added the lunar cycle watch list to my blog. This was confirmed by this past weekend's lunar eclipse. I am now acutely aware to lunar cycles! :) Thanks for the feedback!