Saturday, December 17, 2011


After seeing that Saturn's influence on the S&P is tied to the S&P's natal chart, it is clear that when exploring a new security, it is important to begin with the natal chart.

A large collection of (geocentric) natal stock charts can be found in The Textbook for Financial Astrology by Kaye Shinker. The natal chart represents the time that the stock (or other instrument) began trading - the time that money began exchanging hands. This is the information we need.

Silver began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on June 15, 1931, 12:25:00 GMT. Here is the heliocentric natal chart:
Silver Natal Chart
I placed the pentagram (72° harmonic points) based on Jupiter's position. Jupiter is at 28Can37'59", or approximately 118.5° from 0° Aries, and squared to Venus and Ceres, which are both at 18° harmonic positions. Mars and Earth are near 72° harmonics in the natal chart, Neptune is at 36° and Uranus near 36°. Using these pentagonal points, silver's rally and fall since 2009 is explained in the following chart:

Silver Futures Rally and Fall from 2009
It is a little unsatisfying that the 9/26/11 Uranus-Earth and the 10/28/11 Jupiter-Earth conjunctions did not occur near major harmonic points, but this is the best explanation I can find for these major turn dates. It may be relevant that the Uranus-Earth conjunction was square to both Pluto and Mars and there was also a Neptune, Mars Venus trine the same day, and the Jupiter-Earth conjunction was trine Pluto.

Neptune seems to have a major roll in silver's movement, as conjunctions with this planet appear to be responsible for many of the recent dramatic turn dates. Being a very slow moving planet, Neptune is close to but does not reach the 72° harmonic until late 2013/early 2014, coinciding with Uranus and Saturn at 36° points. This is likely to be another dramatic time for silver.

On 12/15/11 both Earth and Ceres crossed 36° harmonic points. Was this enough to stop silver's fall? We will have to watch and see.

There is a Uranus-Venus conjunction on 1/1/2012;
A Jupiter-Venus conjunction near 72° on 1/26/2012;
Jupiter reaches its next 72° harmonic on about 3/1/2012.


  1. so, a near term bounce for silver? - shabs

  2. That's my expectation, but for how long I don't know. This blog is largely exploratory, and to test any theory, predictions must be made. Of course this is not trading advice.

  3. Please see this. It's your scenario, altho he does not say silver!:
    His discovery is interesting. Singularity for this curve, or the point where the gold price goes to theoretical infinity, is in February 2014, only 26 months away. Unless this long-term trend is somehow broken, gold is also telling us the dollar is heading for hyperinflation.

  4. Thanks so much for this article. Many people have been warning for a long time that the dollar along with all other currencies are eventually doomed to hyperinflation, but I have never seen a graph like this estimating the date of singularity. It is very interesting that this date is close to the date I wrote about for silver. I will analyze gold next.

  5. the market and physics are different disciplines. in the market, the vertical portion of a parabola is usually indicative of a reversal.

    this is precisely how i made 400% profit buying GLL calls earlier this year. one glance at the monthly showed the clear vertical phase of the parabola.

    since i have a longer-term deflationary outlook, i see gold and silver declining along with most other asset classes into incredible lows 2012-2016. i think real estate will be the first to bottom.


  6. If metals were allowed to continue to fluctuate I'd probably agree with you. But I suspect their prices will be fixed to the new world currency before they have a chance to deflate after their huge run up.

  7. Hi!

    I think this rates a read at least, since with your astro about "late 2013/early 2014" in this article, there is now a second warning about early 2014, using a completely different system (I've seen neither this guy's articles nor this system till today Mar 7/2012):
    (Punchline is at the very end of this long charting article)

    When combined with MAP waves, an alternative wave counting method base on many principles of Elliot waves, it gives good results as to approximately where the market will move.

    It would appear that the euro is trending to be par with the US$ in early 2014!