Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mount Lokon Erupts

We were on the lookout for a disaster yesterday or today and it looks like it came in the form of a volcanic eruption.

Indonesian volcano Mount Lokon erupted today  (22:07 GMT on the 26th). This volcano is located at 1°21'30''N, 124°47'30'E. Here is the geocentric chart at the time of eruption:
12/26/2011 Geocentric Chart: Mount Lokon Eruption
As described in the Christmas Disaster? post, Jupiter and Saturn are at nearly maximum geocentric opposition, and the arrival of the Moon squaring both provided the trigger. The longitude of the eruption is given by the position on the chart opposite the Moon, 123° E, less that 2° from the actual eruption. The latitude is less that 2° from the Equator, corresponding to the point just between Gemini and Cancer, directly opposite the Galactic Center. Fortunately, no injuries or deaths have been reported.


  1. Nice call Platy

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