Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Look at Disasters, Past and Future?

I hope you will forgive me for digressing from posting about stock market cycles. But it is often the case that stock market turn dates coincide with disasters, so I hope you find this interesting.

After making the planetary connection in the previous post from the Deepwater Horizon disaster to 2012, let's go a step further. There are 974 days between these dates. Going backwards another 974 days, is there a similar planetary configuration? At 981 days, on 8/15/07, we have a triple conjunction of Neptune, Earth and Venus, along with a double trine of Pluto, Ceres and Saturn, and Jupiter, Mars and Mercury. This was the day of the magnitude 8.0 earthquake in Peru resulting in 519 deaths.
8/15/2007: Peru 8.0 Earthquake
Going back 3x974 (2922) days from 12/21/12, we come to 12/21/2004, exactly 8 years before 12/21/12, and just 5 days from the magnitude 9.1 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, one of the worst disasters in history resulting in the loss of between 200,000 and 300,000 lives. On that date we find a trine of Uranus, Earth, and Mars conjunct Venus.
12/26/2004: Indian Ocean 9.1 Earthquake
Can we use this method for future predictions? If you believe that 12/21/12 is the "end of the world", this should give you ammunition to support your case. We saw the chart for this date in the last post. Until making this study, I believed that 12/21/12 was merely a temporal marker, possibly marking the end of the "old world order". But after reviewing these charts I now suspect there will be some type of geological event on that date somewhere in the world, though not the "end" of the world.

The following charts do not imply exact dates, because some of the configurations shown can last several days. So they are approximations only.

8/3 years or 974 days after 12/21/12 brings us to 8/22/2015. Here we have Neptune, Earth and Venus nearly conjunct, opposing Jupiter, and squared Saturn and Mercury. Squares are hard aspects that also often portend disaster.
8/22/2015: Will anything happen?
Another 974 days later is 4/22/2018, a trine with Uranus, Saturn and Ceres. Earth and Venus are near their Deepwater Horizon positions.
4/22/2018: Will anything happen?
And after one more we get 12/21/2020, with Uranus opposing Venus, squared Jupiter and Saturn.
12/21/2020: Will anything happen?
This is a date I have been interested in for a long time. There is a geocentric conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that day, exactly 8 Fibonacci years after the Mayan "end" date (which is itself 13 Fibonacci years after Y2K), and with Earth and Venus in the same positions as both the Mayan date and the Indian Ocean quake.

Luke 21:25
And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Update from the Previous Post

In the previous post we were looking out for some event to happen today. Right on schedule (almost), we have a Mexican "birthquake" last night, magnitude 6.5 leaving at least 3 dead.

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