Thursday, December 29, 2011

January 1 Uranus-Venus Conjunction

We have had our eye on the January 1 Uranus-Venus conjunction as the next probable turn date for silver. Even though it is not near a major silver harmonic, we noted here that the recent Uranus-Earth conjunction, at about the same location, marked an important turn date for silver.

This conjunction does occur at a NYSE 18° harmonic, and Venus is a good indicator of turn dates, especially when acting with another planet. So this conjunction will likely be significant for the equities markets as well.


  1. Your analysis looks very interesting, I am only starting, so I do not yet quite understand how to interpret it all. But if I understand it, I would like to go back into history and look what happened at specific events. Would you know if a historic Harmonic Cycle Watch is available? I am curious if there are some 'fixed rules'. For example I understood the Mars-Vesta cycle is an interesting cycle as well, but I cannot verify how it has worked and how well.

  2. Welcome to my blog!

    You can make your own historical watch list just by noting whenever planets cross the 5 Great Pentagram points, or the points in between these 5 points (total of 10 points). I use Kairon software for my analysis. It is free for the first 80 or so uses. Of course Cowan's book is filled with historical examples. Thanks for alerting me to the Mars-Vesta cycle. If I get some time I will look into it.

  3. Happy New Year Platy - have been looking for the elusive high but thinking it might push out to 1/8 - the Saturn 36 (and not just any 36 - it's the mars/jup conjunction position of the nyse natal). Saturn is often associated with highs.

  4. That is a very interesting point Buffee, thanks!