Friday, December 9, 2011

Goro Adachi's Deepwater-Mayan Phi Dates

My favorite blog is Goro Adachi's multicontextual analysis,  Etemenanki. I was looking at some phi-dates today that he is currently focused on:

As Goro explains, each of the events illustrated are contextually related, and likely elude to an upcoming royal birth.

I wanted to see if there was a planetary explanation for these dates. With just a little work I found it!

These dates all correspond to the positions of Neptune, Earth and Venus with respect to each other (as usual, in heliocentric orientation). This is similar to the previously discussed Beast Cycle, a configuration of Mars, Earth and Venus.

4/29/11: Deepwater Horizon
Neptune, Earth and Venus are in a trine

4/29/11: Royal Wedding
Neptune and Earth in the same position as above, but Venus conjunct Neptune

8/22/11 Midpoint: Virginia "Birthquake"
Neptune conjunct Earth, and opposing Venus

12/14/11: Unknown impact
Venus conjunct Neptune, with Earth at the bottom

12/21/12: Mayan "End Date"
Neptune, Earth and Venus in a trine, but with Earth and Venus reversed from the Deepwater Horizon date.

Goro is very interested in the next few days to see what unfolds as it relates to the other events.

We learned from the Beast Cycle post that dates in this type of cycle can be pinpointed by the fastest moving planet, in this case again Venus. Goro has the date approximated as 12/14/2011 based on phi calculations. But I suspect we can refine the date to 12/11/2011, since that is the date of conjunction of Venus with Neptune.

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