Thursday, December 15, 2011

December 18 Jupiter-Mars Square

Updated 12/16/11

We have seen the importance of the Jupiter-Mars cycle on market movements, so here at Planet Forecaster we pay special attention to these planets. 

Mars will making a square to (90° from) Jupiter on December 17/18th, with Earth in the middle, 45° from both.
12/18/11 Jupiter-Mars Square
 The last time Mars squared Jupiter was 11/29/10. At this time, Mars was at a 36° harmonic, and Jupiter at an 18° harmonic.
11/29/2010 Jupiter-Mars Square
The Dow completed a significant correction on this day and kicked off the nearly 3-month long bull run into 2011.
Dow Futures
This configuration is close enough to the Mars 36° cycle previously discussed that is possible that the Jupiter-Mars square and the Mars 36° harmonic will work together to produce a single turn date somewhere in the December 18 - 21 time frame, or they could produce 2 separate turn dates. I'm not experienced enough to predict the outcome, just to recognize that this is a very important time period for the markets. The same applies to the associated Jupiter 18° harmonic shortly after, on about December 29.

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