Thursday, November 3, 2011

The S&P 500 Natal Chart

In the previous post we saw how it was odd that Saturn's impact to the S&P has a greater influence from the pentagram formed at the 6/8/1988 Uranus-Saturn conjunction than the one identified by the NYSE natal chart. It was also curious that Cowan used the S&P for this analysis rather than Nasdaq or Dow which he typically uses. So on a hunch, I looked up the natal chart for the S&P 500, which started trading March 4, 1957.
3/4/1957: S&P 500 Natal Chart
Bingo! There is Uranus, marking the pentagram exactly 144° from the 1988 Uranus-Saturn conjunction. So once again, it is the natal chart which has set the sensitive points of the market.

It is interesting that prior to the S&P 500 there existed the "S&P 90" which began in 1923, with Uranus near another pentagram point identified above, further strengthening the ties of the S&P to this particular pentagram. I don't have the date, only the year, so this chart is approximate.
1923: S&P 90 Natal Chart (Approximate)


  1. or looking at the S&P 500 Futures natal charts (either of 2 acceptable...) 4/16/1982 and 4/21/1982 which gives Uranus at 243:52 to 244:02 and Saturn at 197:58 to 198:20. This S&P 500 Futures natal Saturn is 144 degs from 23 (NYSE Saturn "panic" pentagon point)although within a orb of 5 degs. also this S&P 500 Futures natal Saturn is 72 from the June 8, 1988 Sat/Uran conjunction at 269 degs helio.

  2. Very interesting buffee -- where did you find the natal dates for S&P futures, and why are there 2 of them?

  3. one is Larry Pesavento's and the other is Bill Foster's - here's a link to the valuable natals that Bonnie Lee Hill has compiled

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